Keyword Tracking Tools and check Search Volume for a Keyword - Keyword Competition Analysis

If you are planning to enter in Internet marketing the first thing you need to do is keyword search and niche selection. Without proper keyword search ,it is very difficult to survive in the Internet marketing competition. In keyword search the major thing we need to check is the keyword competition. It is important to know the exact keyword competition ,monthly search volume and the potential of the keyword to make money. There are some tools available to check the possible keyword competition and available search volume for the keyword. Some of the well known keyword search tools are listed below. I don't guaranty the relevancy or accuracy of the result by the keyword tools and it is only an introduction of these tools.

List of Keyword Search Tools - Competition analysis

1. Google Keyword Tools

Google provides some useful keyword tools to get new keyword ideas for Internet marketers. One is Google AdWords external keyword tool and other is Search-based Keyword Tool.

Google Search Based keyword tool is:

2. Keyword Discovery

Search Term suggestion tool by Keyword Discovery is a free web based tool where we can get the search history of any keyword. To use this tool click on the link below.

3. NicheBot

NicheBot also provides a keyword search tool which shows popular keywords relevant to our keyword phrase and its monthly search volume.

4. Word Tracker

It is also another free keyword suggestion tool which generate popular keywords with search volume.

5. Digital Point

The famous webmaster giant digital point is also providing a keyword suggestion too. You can find the tool by clicking the link below.

6. SEO Book

Seo Book is also providing a keyword search tool which give a rough details of daily search volumes of keywords in google ,Yahoo and Bing. In order to use the keyword list generator by Seo Book we should create an account with them.

7. Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is an efficient tool to get details of the targeting keywords with monthly search volume and details of PPC advertisements. This tool can give details of the major competitors both in PPC and organic search. To use this tool click on the link below.

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Jason@ custom web design said...

I have used google adwors but no other tool. I will try other tools. Thanks for sharing it.

PSD to XHTML said...

It is the best list of keyword research tools...