How to Enable Flow Control on Network Adapter

In some Network Adapter and Connection related troubleshooting we need to either enable or disable flow control property of the adapter. This article is a supporting article for our other network troubleshooting guides. Before going to the steps to change flow control property of the adapter, let us define what is flow control. If a Network Adapter receives input frames more than it can handle, without flow control enabled option, you may witness frame loss/ packet drop. It is because sender is not getting information about the possible frame loss and it will not stop sending packets. With flow control enabled option, your Network Adapter will be able to send pause frame which tells the sender (sender of frames to our NIC) to pause the transmission until its buffer is free. So if your NIC is not a high speed one, while connecting to high speed network, you may need to enable Flow Control property to avoid packet loss.

How to Enable or Disable Flow Control

1. Go to Network Connections Window

We can Go to Network Connections Window in two methods , either by Run command or by GUI way. Both the methods are provided below.

  1. By Run Command
    • Click on Start
    • Type ncpa.cpl on Search and press enter
  2. By GUI
    • Click on Start
    • Go to Control Panel
    • Click on Network and sharing center
    • Click on Change Adapter Settings

Now you are in Network Adapter window where all the NICs installed in your computer are listed.

2. Right Click on Local Area Connection and Click on Properties

3. Click on Configure button

Now you may receive one warning message which says "You have made changes to the properties of this connection. If you proceed your changes will be lost. Do you wish to proceed ?".

Click on yes button to proceed.

4. Click on Advanced Tab

5. Select Flow Control and select Enable

After selecting the option you should click OK. Now the flow control property of Ethernet adapter is enabled. If you want to change the link speed and duplex settings, select the option Speed and Duplex. In addition to this, if you want to know how to improve Internet connection speed, follow the link below.
How to Increase Internet Connection Speed

Some of the possible reasons for slower Internet connection is listed in the link below.
Reasons for Slower Internet Connection

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