Getting Error 678 The Remote Computer did not Respond

Today morning my friend tried to access Internet with his BSNL Broadband connection but failed. Whenever he tried to connect to Internet, he is getting an error message "Error 678 The remote computer did not respond". This issue persists even after an hour so he called me for a solution. Since he is using BSNL broadband, we checked their user manual and this error code is explained in it. Error 678 is due to poor connectivity and most probably modem is the actual reason behind it. The poor connectivity can be due to faulty Ethernet cable, loose connection between modem and computer or even the modem might be corrupted. Some other possible reasons (other than modem faults and connectivity issues) are TCP/IP issues, Firewall blocking or Malicious programs run. This tutorial gives extended support to understand and fix error 678. The steps provided here are applicable to all types of modems.

Error 678 "The remote computer did not respond"

As we said before the major reason for Error 678 is due to poor connectivity and thus the primary steps should be checking the connectivity of the modem. IF that part is correct, then we must proceed to system level troubleshooting.
  1. Check the Cables connected

    We need to ensure that the Ethernet cable is not faulty and the connection is perfect. Check following connections and ensure the respective LED lights on modem are on.

    • Modem and splitter connection

    • Modem and Computer connection

    • Jack in & Jack out of the splitter

  2. Power Cycle the Modem to fix Error 678

    Sometimes a proper power cycle can fix most of the connectivity issues. To perform a power cycle follow the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Power Cycle a Network Device

  3. Reset Winsock and Restart your computer

    The next possible procedure to solve Error 678 is to reset Winsock and restart your PC. To know more about how to reset Winsock click on the link below.
    How to Reset Winsock

    After resetting the Winsock, you should restart your computer and check whether you can go online.

  4. Check whether Firewall blocks your Internet connection

    There is a possibility that Firewall installed on your laptop might block Internet connection and thus getting Error 678. You should disable the Firewall programs (Including Internet Security Suits) and check for the issue.

  5. Check for Virus Infection

    There is a chance that your PC is infected with network worms or other malicious programs. So I strongly recommend you to scan your PC using a trusted Antivirus program and ensure that it is infection free. To read my previous Security articles, click on the link below.
    Ensure your Laptop is Safe from Virus

  6. Reset and Reconfigure the modem

    The last possible step to fix Error 678 is to reset and reconfigure modem. I do not recommend you to perform this (the reason why I give this step only last) if you do not know how to configure the device again. I suggest you follow this step with the guidance of respective ISP technical support person. To know how to reset a device, click on the link below.
    How to Reset a Network Device

These are the come common troubleshooting steps to fix "Error 678 The remote computer did not respond " error message. If the issue persists, I recommend you to contact your ISP and ask whether the issue is with ISP side. If the modem is faulty, they may replace it. Some modem and router configuration guides are:
  1. How to Configure BSNL Teracom Device

  2. How to Configure UTStarcom ADSL

  3. How to Setup Linksys Router

  4. How to Setup Belkin Router

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