Ping Error Code 2 - ICMP Error Message Tutorial and Solution

If you get error code 2 while pinging to an IP address from the command prompt, follow the steps below to troubleshoot it.

Resolve Ping Error Code 2

Follow steps below to resolve ping error code 2.

  1. Perform Winsock reset

    Open the command prompt and type the following command netsh winsock reset
  2. Reset TCP/IP suite :

    To perform this type the following command on your command prompt and press enter netsh int ip reset c:\tcp.txt
  3. Reboot your computer and check for the issue.
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall NIC:

    The final solution is to uninstall and reinstall Network Adapter driver on your computer. The following link will help you to do this.
    How to Uninstall and Update Driver
  5. Disable Firewall:
    If the issue persists we need to disable the firewall installed on your computer and check for the issue.

Just like ICMP error code 2, there are many other Ping error codes. It would be fine if you are familiar with the most common ICMP error messages. The below link tells how to fix Ping error code 31.
How to Fix ICMP Error Code 31

Sometimes you may receive hardware error messages on your command prompt instead of normal ICMP error codes. In that case, follow the steps provided in the link below to resolve the issue.
How to Resolve ICMP Hardware Error Message

If the Ping packet couldn't reach the destination network, you will get destination net unreachable error message. Below tutorial is about this specific situation.
ICMP Error Message Destination net Unreachable

Removing and reinstalling TCP/IP suite is not just the solution for Ping Error code 2. The same solution works for many other ICMP error codes too. The below link leads to another ping error code with similar troubleshooting steps.
Ping Transmit failed, Error Code 10045

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