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How to Find Location Of Yahoo Messenger Chat Friend

It might be very rare to find an Internet user who don't use online messenger services like Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp etc. These tools help us to maintain our relationships even in our busy life style. These Internet Messengers are safe and useful as long as you limit your friendship with known people. However, it is not possible always. So what can we do to make sure the online chat contacts are not lying ? First step is to make sure they are telling the exact location from where they are chatting. How can we find the location of a messenger friend ? It is possible but not very simple because chat tools like Yahoo Messenger or WhatsApp are providing IP address (layer 3 address) of the server not the individual chat contacts. However, we can find the layer 3 address of a chat contact if we try hard. This tutorial gives an outline to trace the actual location of a messenger contact.

Procedure to Find IP Address Of a Chat Contact
The step by step instructions provid…

Detect If Your Yahoo Messenger Chat Contact in Invisible Mode or Offline

Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular online chat platforms. Though they closed public chat room facility for some unknown reasons, still many users are using it. This article is about certain tools which can tell you the status of Yahoo Messenger chat contacts whether they are online, offline or invisible. If one user is in invisible mode, Yahoo shows he/she is offline but Yahoo Messenger invisible detector tools can easily tell you the contact is really offline or in invisible mode. So you can find whether the contact is actually doesn't willing to chat you. If the status checker tools tell the user is online and shows offline in your messenger, most probably that contact may blocked you. Some of the famous tools are,,,, etc. Here you can see how to check whether a Yahoo Chat Contact is in invisible mode.

Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector (ydetector) - Check YM user status

YDetector is a …

How to Detect Google Gtalk Invisible Users

Gtalk is one of the popular product from Google and most of the Internet users use it as their favorite Internet Messenger. This guide tells a simple method to detect any contact who appears to be offline but actually in invisible mode. I strongly recommend you to select Go Off the Record option before trying this trick but it is not necessary. If the user is chatting from Gmail, this trick may not work. The reason for the failure of this trick to detect invisible chat contacts with contacts from Gmail is explained at the end of this guide. So here I assume the contact you want to verify whether he is actually offline or just in invisible mode is using Gtalk.

Log on to Gtalk or Gmail

Go to chat settings (In Gmail click on options under chat contacts)

Select the button Never save chat history

Save changes

Now you can send an Instant Message to a gtalk user and if the user is really signed off ,you will get an alert like "User did not receive your chat".

If the Gtalk contact is…

How to Disable Gmail Chat Without Disable Gmail for a Network

Now a days it is not uncommon employees spend precious office time for fun by using Social Media sites and online chats. In order to use the office time productive, it is necessary to prevent office computers from accessing popular chat programs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, Gmail is very necessary but it has built in chat feature. If you are a small company owner or network administrator wants to disable Gmail chat(Google Hangouts) in your office without stopping employees from accessing Gmail, this tutorial is for you.

Disable Google Chat From Complete Network Using DNS Lookup Table
This step prevents office computers from opening Google Hangouts even though they can access Gmail. If router or firewall in your office has the feature DNS lookup table controlling, you can disable the this feature. It is done by assigning the GMail chat DNS to loop back address.

In technical words here we assign to and the Gmail Hangou…

Start Ad hoc Network To Share Internet and Files

There are two modes of networking; infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode. In infrastructure mode we use a central device like router or Access Point to connect all devices. This central device share Internet and files among devices connected to it. If you establish a direct connection between two devices without router or AP, it is called ad hoc network. In ad hoc mode, we can share Internet and data between computers. That means in an AD-Hoc network, there is no base station to control and coordinate the packet flow. Here packets are flowing from one computer to another directly and can be compared with walkies-talkies, because participating devices communicate directly with each other without any third party devices.

Create Ad hoc Network
Windows support adhoc networking. For example if you want to share broadband connection on your laptop with other computers in your home, you can simply do it by establishing an adhoc connection. Once you have created such a network on your PC, it can…

How to change your system time and date display settings

In this tutorial I am demonstrating an easy way to change the display of time and date settings on your windows computer. Some one really like to see time in 24 hour format while other like to view in 12 hour format. Some one is really looking for change the style of date display on their computer. There are so many third party tools are available to perform this task. Here I am presenting an easy way to customize the look of time and date on task bar.

How to customize the time and date format in system tray without third party tools

To perform this follow the steps below.

1. Click on start and click on control panel

2. Click on Regional and Language Options

3. Click on customize button near the country selected

4. Click on Time tab to change the time display settings on system tray

5. Edit the format presented here.

* If you like to view time in 24 hour format select HH instead of hh.
* We can edit the AM and PM with other parameters we like to see.
* We can edit the time separator


Ping Website Sitemap For Bing & MSNbots To Index Changed Pages

Microsoft Bing is a popular Search engine and can bring huge amount of traffic to your website. So it is important to inform latest changes on your websites and blogs to Bing Search engine. Bing provides different options to inform them the recent changes on our websites. One of the most impressive method is the direct ping method. You can submit and ping your website sitemap to Bing without even login to Webmaster tools account. It takes less than ten seconds to ping your website sitemap to let Bing knows the recent changes on your website. It will help Bing spiders (MSNBot) to crawl your website and index the changes soon. Another method is to submit newly added or changed pages in Bing Webmaster Tools directly. This tutorial on CoreNetworkZ explains both methods.

1. Steps to Ping Website Sitemap to Bing
Microsoft Bing provides an easy way to ping your website for MSNBot. To ping your website for Bing/MSN search engine spiders, follow the steps below.
Type any one of the following c…

How to Access Services Window in Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8

Services in Windows Operating System is a list of executable (most are necessary) required for the smooth running of your computer. If any required service is not started, you may face issues with the operation of process/ program on your computer related to it. In this article we just share the different methods to open Services Window in various Microsoft Operating System versions like Windows 7, 8, XP etc. Steps to access services window in XP and Windows 7 are similar. We can access this page through either windows explorer or via Run command.

Step 1. Access Services From Run Click Microsoft Start

Click Run and in the run window type services.msc. Now click OK.

Note: In Windows 8 and 7 you may not find Run in start menu. To fix this follow the instructions provided in the link below. Or you can press [Windows] and [R] buttons together to open Run. If you want to see Run permanently, you can try the steps provided in the link below.
How to enable Run Command in Start Menu

Now the …

Guide to Add & Register a Website to Bing Webmaster Tools

Microsoft Bing is one of the most popular Search Engines now a days. If you are a serious webmaster, it is equally important to add and verify your website in Bing Webmaster tools along with Google. This tutorial guides you to register and verify your website with them. By registering your website there, you can improve the visibility of your site in their Search results.

Requirements to Register website in Bing Webmaster Tools
Before proceeding, you must make sure you have a Microsoft email account and enough privileges to complete any of the listed Search Engine verification methods. You can do it in variety of methods like changing CNAME records, adding meta information or by uploading verification file to the server. Now let us check how to add and verify a website or blog in Bing Search Engine webmaster tools account.

Log on to Bing webmaster tools

To add your domain, you need to log on with your Windows Live ID. You can log in to your account by clicking the link below.

How to Connect to an Ad-Hoc Wireless Network

To create a network, normally we need a central device like router or Access Point with DHCP function. However, we can create it without using a central device by establishing a direct connection between two computers. This type of connection is called ad hoc network and it has some advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional networks. Ad hoc connection is cost effective because it doesn't need router and there is no need to worry the possible failure of central device. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Advantage of Using Adhoc Networks It don't need any central devices like router, switch etc

No need to fear whether central device fails or not

Power efficiency
Connecting to Ad hoc Network
If you want to join your computer to an adhoc network available, follow the instructions below.

Double click on the wireless utility shown on the task bar.

The utility should look like this with a wireless symbol but varies from products to products. I am using Linksys Utility no…

Flash Player Is No More Required To View YouTube Videos

Till now to view an online video like YouTube video require Flash Player installed on our computer. Without Flash player we cannot watch YouTube videos. However, it is the time to change things. Flash Player is no longer required to watch YouTube videos on your computer because of HTML5. HTML5 is the new standard where we can play an audio file or video file with just a tag.HTML5 is powerful enough to create complex web applications without using additional software pluggins.

How to view You tube Videos Without Adobe Flash Player
It is possible with the new tags introduced in HTML 5. The new tags are <|video|> and <|audio|>. If your web browser supports html 5 , you can run the video and audio file which are embedded in <|audio|> and <|video|> tags.

PS: ignore the | from the tags.

List of Web Browsers Support HTML 5
Web browsers currently support HTML 5 are:

Firefox 3.5 and above

Google Chrome

Safari 4 and above
So after HTML5 becomes common, we no longer requ…

How to Install Linksys WUSB54GC Wireless G USB Adapter

WUSB54GC is a USB wireless adapter from Linksys. It is easy to use unlike traditional WiFi adapters which are inserted into PCI slot. After the use, it is very easy to unplug the USB WiFi adapter and we can use it on another computer. This tutorial explains how to install Linksys WUSB54GC on a Windows computer and troubleshooting any issues with its working. Driver software comes with a setup disc or you can download it directly from the Linksys official website. If you are not familiar with this device, you can check the below image.

WUSB54GC Installation Process
To install this device on your computer, follow the instructions provided here.
Connect Wireless Adapter

Plug the adapter into USB port of your PC. Make sure the power light is on.

Installing WUSB54GC driver

Run the setup disc comes with the device. If you don't have the setup CD, you can download the driver from the Linksys website by mentioning the version number of WUSB54GC.

Here we can specify the driver location b…

How to upload firmware in D-Link DWL-2100AP Access Point

In this article I am writing the steps to upload firmware on D-Link DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point. Firmware is simply a peace of software which makes the hardware functional. For the better performance of hardware or device we need to upgrade the firmware of a hardware time to time. To upload the firmware of D-Link DWL-2100AP follow the steps provided below.

1. Download firmware from D-Link website to your computer

To download firmware to your computer click on the link below.

Please note that this link can be changed at any time as it is up to the decision of D-Link.

After downloading the firmware save it on your computer desktop.

2. Log-on to your D-Link Access Point

To Access the AP type on the address bar of web browser and press enter.
Enter the user name and password when it prompt.

Default user name : admin
Default password : admin

3. Firmware uploading

After log on to D-Link setup page click o…

Configure D-Link DWL-2100AP In Repeater Mode (Wireless Range Expander)

When we configure D-Link DWL-2100AP in repeater mode, it extends the wireless range of the primary wireless Access Point. So D-Link DWL-2100AP acts as a wireless range expander when it is configured in repeater mode. When ever you want to increase the coverage of the wireless network from your primary wireless router or Access Point, you can use DWL-2100AP in repeater mode.

Setup D-Link DWL-2100AP As Wireless Repeater
We can configure D-Link DWL-2100AP as a wireless repeater(Range Expander) by following the steps below.

Access D-Link DWL-2100AP

To Access the AP type on the address bar of web browser and press enter.

Enter the username and password when it prompt.

Default user name : admin
Default password : no default password, leave it blank

Click on Wireless button in the Home Page

Change the option to AP Repeater

If you want to repeat the signal from another Access Point, DWL-2100AP must know the wireless MAC address of that repeater. Here you can enter the wireless …