How to Configure a BSNL Broadband Modem Manually?

BSNL is one of the most popular Internet Service Providers in India. They provide different models of DSL modems to their customers. Some of the popular BSNL modems are from D-Link, Teracom, Netgear, etc...

Though they supply different modem models, the procedure to configure them is very similar.

Let me explain the procedure to configure a DSL modem with your BSNL broadband connection with an example. Let me pick a Teracom modem to explain the setup procedure.

To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on the Teracom modem, we don't need to run the setup CD. We can manually set up a broadband Internet connection on a Teracom modem if you have the Internet Username and Password provided by BSNL.

In the manual configuration, we should log in to the Teracom modem by typing the modem username and Password(Teracom username and password are not the same BSNL Internet account username and password ). Since BSNL is a DSL broadband ISP, we need to configure the Teracom device in PPPoE mode.

BSNL Modem in Bridge Mode Vs PPPoE Mode

In PPPoE mode, we can connect more computers to the modem and share the Internet. If we configure it in bridge mode, only one computer can access the Internet.

Configure Internet Connection on BSNL Modem

  1. Login

    Type on the browser address bar and press enter to access the modem login page. You need to enter the Teracom modem username and password to access the BSNL modem.
    Bridging BSNL gateway

    Default BSNL modem username and password are:

    User Name: admin
    Password: admin

    Click OK. Now you will be on the modem configuration page. If you forgot the password, you need to reset the modem.
    full speed

  2. Click on Configuration Tab

    Now click on the Internet Connection to configure Internet on the BSNL Teracom modem.
    Change Connection type

  3. Remove old connections

    You can see several pre-configured connections on this page. You should delete all of them by pressing the delete button.

  4. Add a new connection.

    Now click on the add button at the bottom of the page to create a new connection.

    Now add the following parameters:

    PVC Name: PVC0

    VPI : 0
    VCI: 35

    Service Category: UBR with PCR

    Keep all other default information and click Next.

  5. Select BSNL Connection Type

    Now select PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) and LLC/ SNAP.
    LLC value

    Now click Next.

  6. Configure WAN IP Settings

    Select the option Obtain IP Automatically. Make sure to check the checkboxes NAT and Default Route.

    Click Next.

  7. Set Username and Password

    Type the username and password provided by BSNL. You can enter the service name as BSNL Internet.

    Teracom username

    Press the Next button to reach the summary page.

    Click on Apply.

  8. Reboot BSNL Modem

    Click on the Admin tab and then click on the Reboot.

    From the drop-down menu, select Last and click on Reboot. Now, wait 1 minute to let the modem reboot. After this, close the window and check your Internet connection.

    We have successfully configured the Internet connection on the Teracom modem.

As we know, this modem supports the wireless feature. To configure wireless, click on the link below.
Setup Wireless and Wireless Security On Modem

Upgrade Firmware

The Teracom Modem must have the latest firmware version to work the device with maximum performance. Follow the steps below to upgrade the BSNL Teracom modem's old firmware.
  1. Login to the web-based setup page

  2. Click on Admin

  3. Click on Firmware upgrade.

  4. Click on Check for Updates

  5. Download the update if it is available. Select it using the browse button. Once the file is selected, click the upgrade button.

  6. Wait for the completion of the upgrading process.

Our responsibility is not over just after configuring broadband access and wireless on the BSNL modem. You must ensure that you are getting the exact speed as offered.

To check the Internet bandwidth you are getting from your current broadband connection, click the link below.
How to Check my Broadband Speed?

I have been getting many comments from readers asking if there is any way to increase the broadband speed provided by BSNL without upgrading the current plan.

We cannot change the bandwidth provided but can optimize the Internet connection on your computer.

Due to the optimization, you can feel an improvement in Internet speed. To learn how to increase the BSNL Internet speed, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Increase Broadband Speed?