How to Reset BSNL Modem to Factory Default Settings

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is one of the leading Internet Service Providers in India. Though they provide a preconfigured modem while taking Internet connection, we may need to reset and reconfigure it due to several reasons. If you forgot the username and password set for BSNL modem, you might need to change it to factory default and reconfigure it. Another reason to reset BSNL Gateway is to fix some network connectivity issues. This article is for those who want to reset BSNL modem to factory default settings.

There are two different methods to reset a BSNL modem to factory settings. They are soft and hardware reset. In soft reset, we should log in to the BSNL modem configuration page and select the option to restore default or factory default.

If you do not have the modem username and password, you cannot perform this procedure. It is because without login details you cannot log in to the settings page. In that case, the only option left is to perform a hard reset.

In this tutorial, you will see both methods irrespective of the modem vendor and version.

Soft Reset BSNL Broadband Modem
  1. Login
    1. Type on the address bar of your browser and press enter
      how to reset a BSNL type 2 modem

    2. Enter admin as username and password

  2. Click on the Admin tab

  3. Click on Reboot
    forgot BSNL login password

  4. Select the factory settings and click on reboot

Software reset will help you to fix any wrong entries you have made. It can rectify any wrong Internet and wireless settings.

Though this method is helpful, you cannot perform it when you are unable to login to the settings page. In that case, you must go for the second method.

Hard Reset BSNL Teracom Modem
You can find a reset button on the back side of your BSNL modem. You have to press it using a pen for at least 30 seconds. You have to ensure that the power light is flashing while you are doing it.

To learn more about performing it, follow the instructions provided in the link below.

How to Conduct Hard Reset on a Device

After perming the above step, you need to reconfigure the device from the factory default. To configure wireless after it, follow the link below.

How to Enable Wireless On your Broadband Device

The Internet is not available In factory default state, and you must reconfigure the device. To learn how to configure various versions of BSNL modems, click on the links below.

  1. This link explains the steps to configure Teracom modem with BSNL connection after resetting it.
    How to Configure Teracom Router

  2. After resetting WA 3002 G4 BSNL Modem, to reconfigure it, follow the steps in the link below.
    How to Setup WA 3002 G4 Router

  3. You can use the above methods to reset Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600. After resetting the device, to reconfigure it, click on the link below.
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  4. We can reset WA3002 -g1 UTStarcom ADSL Router by the methods explained in this guide. To reconfigure the device, click on the link below.
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  1. Prakash6:21 AM

    I followed your hard reset step to reset my bsnl modem. Now they say I need to setup it again ? Why so

  2. Hi Prakash,

    By resetting BSNL modem, you have removed all configurations made by you and now the modem is in factory settings. You need to configure it after resetting BSNL modem.

  3. N Naidu9:57 AM

    Thanks Alexa. It is a simple and informative guide.

  4. Actually when I enter 192.168.... address to configure the username and password is administered but when I enter it prompts as incorrect one what do I do please help me

  5. I think you might mistype the username or password. If you don't remember them, I recommend you to perform hard reset by following the instructions provided in the same article.

  6. There is no reset option on my YMC modem

  7. @khaja mohiddin seaprince,

    Can you give me the exact model number of your YMC modem ?

  8. Hi have done reset from back side of modern and now its not connect again tell me wt to do now plz

  9. What about DG-BG4300N?

  10. Once you reset the modem, current settings will be erased. You should reconfigure the modem to connect back. Please mention the model number or follow the instructions in the link below.

  11. Actually when I enter address to configure the username and password is admin but when I enter it prompts as incorrect one what do I do please help me

  12. @ Praveen
    That means your modem is not reset yet. You must hard reset your modem to use default user name and password.

  13. when i login for modem setting for user name and password, it shows your connection is not private. please help.

  14. @Lokesh

    Sometimes wrong system date on your PC results the error your connection is not private. Make sure system date is correct and if the issue persists use another browser.

  15. After resting pc is not detecting WiFi

  16. @alex
    i try it so many times but can't get into the setting menu.

  17. @ Please elaborate the issue to understand it better.

  18. After hard resseting i am able to access However after sometimes it shows error and no login page appears. i have tried it many times. and also my modem is not resseting correctly. pre-used SSID and password are not removed and suggestion comes up.

  19. @Ajai

    You may need to perform power reset on your BSNL modem. follow the instructions
    provided in the link below:

    (Follow the power reset instructions )

  20. Osman5:14 AM

    I tried reset BSNL Modem but its not changing my old settings. Any error ? Please help.

  21. @ Osman

    Try the instructions provided in the link below.

  22. Anyone here who can help me?

  23. @ Unknown

    What kind of help you want?

  24. BSNL staff has given FTTH MODEM, make OPTIVISION with Bharat Fiber connection. Telephone is working. I v connected modem with to link extender via ethernet cable. But I cant reset / configure modem. Pl help me. Step by step.

    1. Tell me the model number of your FTTH modem.


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