How to Configure a BSNL Broadband Modem Manually?

BSNL is one of the most popular Internet Service Providers in India. They provide different models of DSL modems to their customers. Some of the popular BSNL modems are from D-Link, Teracom, Netgear, etc...

Though they supply different modem models, the procedure to configure them is very similar.

Let me explain the procedure to configure a DSL modem with your BSNL broadband connection with an example. Let me pick a Teracom modem to explain the setup procedure.

To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on the Teracom modem, we don't need to run the setup CD. We can manually set up a broadband Internet connection on a Teracom modem if you have the Internet Username and Password provided by BSNL.

In the manual configuration, we should log in to the Teracom modem by typing the modem username and Password(Teracom username and password are not the same BSNL Internet account username and password ). Since BSNL is a DSL broadband ISP, we need to configure the Teracom device in PPPoE mode.

BSNL Modem in Bridge Mode Vs PPPoE Mode

In PPPoE mode, we can connect more computers to the modem and share the Internet. If we configure it in bridge mode, only one computer can access the Internet.

Configure Internet Connection on BSNL Modem

  1. Login

    Type on the browser address bar and press enter to access the modem login page. You need to enter the Teracom modem username and password to access the BSNL modem.
    Bridging BSNL gateway

    Default BSNL modem username and password are:

    User Name: admin
    Password: admin

    Click OK. Now you will be on the modem configuration page. If you forgot the password, you need to reset the modem.
    full speed

  2. Click on Configuration Tab

    Now click on the Internet Connection to configure Internet on the BSNL Teracom modem.
    Change Connection type

  3. Remove old connections

    You can see several pre-configured connections on this page. You should delete all of them by pressing the delete button.

  4. Add a new connection.

    Now click on the add button at the bottom of the page to create a new connection.

    Now add the following parameters:

    PVC Name: PVC0

    VPI : 0
    VCI: 35

    Service Category: UBR with PCR

    Keep all other default information and click Next.

  5. Select BSNL Connection Type

    Now select PPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) and LLC/ SNAP.
    LLC value

    Now click Next.

  6. Configure WAN IP Settings

    Select the option Obtain IP Automatically. Make sure to check the checkboxes NAT and Default Route.

    Click Next.

  7. Set Username and Password

    Type the username and password provided by BSNL. You can enter the service name as BSNL Internet.

    Teracom username

    Press the Next button to reach the summary page.

    Click on Apply.

  8. Reboot BSNL Modem

    Click on the Admin tab and then click on the Reboot.

    From the drop-down menu, select Last and click on Reboot. Now, wait 1 minute to let the modem reboot. After this, close the window and check your Internet connection.

    We have successfully configured the Internet connection on the Teracom modem.

As we know, this modem supports the wireless feature. To configure wireless, click on the link below.
Setup Wireless and Wireless Security On Modem

Upgrade Firmware

The Teracom Modem must have the latest firmware version to work the device with maximum performance. Follow the steps below to upgrade the BSNL Teracom modem's old firmware.
  1. Login to the web-based setup page

  2. Click on Admin

  3. Click on Firmware upgrade.

  4. Click on Check for Updates

  5. Download the update if it is available. Select it using the browse button. Once the file is selected, click the upgrade button.

  6. Wait for the completion of the upgrading process.

Our responsibility is not over just after configuring broadband access and wireless on the BSNL modem. You must ensure that you are getting the exact speed as offered.

To check the Internet bandwidth you are getting from your current broadband connection, click the link below.
How to Check my Broadband Speed?

I have been getting many comments from readers asking if there is any way to increase the broadband speed provided by BSNL without upgrading the current plan.

We cannot change the bandwidth provided but can optimize the Internet connection on your computer.

Due to the optimization, you can feel an improvement in Internet speed. To learn how to increase the BSNL Internet speed, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Increase Broadband Speed?


  1. Shyam4:03 AM

    Good. That was a nice modem configuration. I think teracom modem is good one from BSNL. After all how can I configure multiple computers in this modem . I have a version of this teracom modem with just one lan port

  2. You can share your Internet connection among multiple computers even if your Teracom model has just one LAN Port. You should configure the Wireless LAN and connect multiple computers.

  3. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have bsnl teracom ADSL2+CPE/ROUTER modem. Can you provide me the steps to configure this modem with my Tata connection

  4. Anonymous12:32 AM

    I got one call from BSNL they said to follow some instructions to update modem.
    on run prompt
    login admin
    password admin
    system set serial-number 002

    any one know what all these is that real procedures or any trap is there.thanks for reply

  5. May be they want you to update firmware of your BSNL modem. Anyway if you are not sure whether those guys are from BSNL or not, I recommend you to don't follow their directions. If you are not having any issues with accessing internet you don't need to follow what they say.

    May be you can contact your local BSNL Engg. for more help.

  6. Srinath3:13 AM

    I have bsnl teracom ADSL2+CPE/ROUTER modem. Can you please provide me with the necessary steps to configure this modem with my airtel connection. Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Srinath,

    I am not sure whether you can configure your BSNL teracom ADSL2+CPE modem with Airtel or not. Let me have a research on this issue.

  8. please let me know modem indication meaning(commonly for all modem)

  9. Hi Yuvaraj,

    Can you explain your question a little bit more?

  10. Anonymous6:53 PM

    my teracom modem is working in laptops but it not working in desktop. pls give a solution.

  11. Please make sure your desktop computer does not have any static IP address configured.

  12. Anonymous10:01 PM

    hey can we connect through the taskbar on windows with this configuration..
    if not can you help me configure.

  13. Can you explain your issue a little more?

  14. using bsnl dsl internet connection using teracom modem. i want to map the ip address with particular host...pls tell me how to configure if anybody knows. pls help me out from this problem. thanks in advance

  15. Could you please explain what you exactly mean by the following query.

    ". i want to map the ip address with particular host"

    Do you mean white listing the IP address ?

  16. In the internet connection summary page it shows VPI/VCI as 1/35, should it be like that or should it be 0/35

  17. Hi,

    It should be 0/35

  18. Dear frnds ita very simple 2 config bsnl 2 airtel.

    step 1:open internet explorer

    step 2:type in add bar

    step 3:user name:admin


    step4:configuration on left side

    step5:internet connection

    step6:if their is something before select all delete.


    pvc name Airtel

    vpi 1

    vci 32

    service category:UBR with PCR
    then click next

    step8:Encapsulation Type:LLC/SNAP then click next

    step9:Tick Obtain an IP address automatically then click next

    step10:Service Name:Airtel

    Broadband User Name:(Ask ur service pro)


    Confirm Password:(eg)12345678

    Session established by:Tick Always on and click next

    step11:summery click apply

    step12:wireless Network(left side of the menu)

    Select Profile:802.11B/G

    Wireless Network:Tick enable

    Select Country:INI

    Channel Selection:Auto

    Network Name (SSID):(ex)Wi-Fi

    Hide SSID:No

    Select Security Option:wi-fi protected Access

    Select Encryption Protocol:TKIP protocol

    Select Authentication Method:PSK(Pre Shared Key)

    WPA Pass Phrase:(ex)deleep123

    PMK Caching:Enable

    Finally click Conform

    Go to mac Address filter (on the top of the menu)

    Select MAC Auth:Disable & make Apply

    Admin(left side of the menu)
    Reboot from Last
    Click reboot (Wait for 1 min)ur modem will restarted and everything will be ok :)

  19. Hi Deleep,

    Thanks for providing steps to configure airtel connection with Teracom modem.

  20. hi bro i did all as u are saying..with this i m able to run net on my pc but when m trying it on my android phone its not is detected when i entered the password nothing is happening,means its not connecting.wat i shd do??

  21. C.J Nair12:32 AM

    Thanks I found it very difficult to configure the modem but after reading it, I did.

  22. Anonymous3:47 AM

    hi i use the model AN1020-20 and under the configuration tab wireless networks is not shown.does that mean wifi is not present for this model ? please explain!

  23. Siju George10:24 AM

    There is no wifi option in AN1020-20. I suggest you to follow the user manual provided below for more information about this model.

  24. Anonymous6:08 AM


  25. Admin5:17 AM

    If you forgot the user name and password for your BSNL modem, I recommend you to follow the steps below.

    1. Try the default user name and password provided in the article.

    2. Try to remember the user name and password (in case if you use custom user name and password for your BSNL modem).

    3. Reset and Configure your BSNL modem.

    Follow the link to learn how to reset your BSNL modem.

  26. Thanks for your bsnl broadband modem configuration guide. it helped me.

  27. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Can you write about different
    bsnl broadband modem types they provide?

  28. How to connect my bsnl broadband connection to my Netgear router?

  29. Where can I download BSNL dataone broadband modem driver? Do you have CD or disk for it? Can you tell me how to install and upgrade this modem driver?

  30. Sooraj11:04 AM

    I have type 2 modem from bsnl dataone. Can I use same steps to configure it? Actually what is the difference between type 1 modem and type 2 modem supplied by BSNL? Yes I have WiFi in my modem.

  31. How many types modem supplied by BSNL ? Is BSNL ADSL connection or Cable Internet connection ? I have a coaxial cable modem, can I connect it with dataone?

  32. hii,
    i m using teracom(type 1) modem provided by bsnl on my desktop. Now i want to use it with my laptop also using USB.
    please provide me step to proceed.

    thank u

  33. Admin1:07 AM

    You cannot use both Ethernet port and USB port of a modem to access Internet at the same time. If you have only one LAN port on your type 1 modem supplied by BSNL, you may have to use either a switch or ICS(Internet Connection Sharing) to share Internet between your PC and Laptop.

  34. My terracom modem supplied by BSNL,Chennai gets internet connectivity through the LAN port using a data cable. However, some glitch has occurred in the wireless settings with the result that I am not able to access internet on my smart phone. I wanted to get on to the config. link to check entries. But every time I try to log onto the config. page using default user name and pwd, they are rejected and a message comes saying it is a protected content. Pl. advise me as to how I can get over this problem and recheck the wireless access settings. Thanks.
    P B Krishnaswamy.

  35. Have you changed the Teracom modem default username and password ? If yes, you must use the current username and password to login modem setup page. If not just clear the browser history and cookies and try to login back.

  36. Anonymous2:31 AM

    I have teracom ADSL2+CPE/ROUTER modem model TAD-110. I am unable to install this. Can you provide me the steps to configure this modem with my MTNL delhi landline broadband connection.


    Dalip Gnadhi

  37. Hi Dalip,

    You can follow the same steps provided in this tutorial. You might want to call MTNL tech support and ask them the VPI and VCI values to complete the procedure.

  38. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Hi. I did all that u said in the above steps but here's the problem :

    When I change the "internet" setting to PPPoE, I can connect through wifi but not through LAN, and wen i select bridge mode" instead of "PPPoE", i was able to connect through LAN but not through wifi. Please help! Its been a month since I've been trying to connect through both LAN & wifi !!! :( i'm pretty sure that they are correct (when i input through the PC or laptop). If u may please e-mail me the solution to this problem at

  39. Admin4:19 AM

    Hi Prajith,

    Seems a very strange issue. I hope you have configured the BSNL Teracom modem according to the steps provided in the tutorial.

    If not I recommend you to perform a hard reset and configure the modem as per the tutorial.

    PS: Choose the hard reset.

    If the issue persists, contact me back.

  40. This is realy usfull guys.

  41. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Hi, can you please tell me how to configure Teracom TDSL300W2 modem for MTNL. earlier this modem was working fine with BSNL. Now that i have been posted to Delhi, i want to configure it on MTNL.

  42. Hi Manoj,

    You can follow the same procedure but the following values must be used.

    PVC - 0
    VCI - 32
    VPI - 0
    Mode -routing
    Service Name -MTNL

    To learn more, visit the link below.

  43. I am unable to connect my MOTO G handset through Wi-fi on teracom modem. it is connecting on my old laptop, old hanheld device however while connecting to new MOTO G , its just going to state- "obtaining IP address" and nothing else is happening. Please assist urgently.

  44. Which model of Moto G handset you are using ?

    I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in the link below.

  45. I am unable to login as "admin" username and password .plz tell me how I can login ...

  46. Hi Beo,

    Please go through the instructions provided in the link below.

  47. Dear alex,
    I have a teracom tdsl300w2 modem . Which had a open wifi network I connect to use the Internet. Yesterday I was trying to protect it by goin to .But something went wrong and I had to factory rreset by goin to By then I am not able to access my router by And I don't know what to do. I am in a dilemma . Please help me.

  48. Hi George,
    I followed the above mentioned steps, but I am getting an Error 651.Adding to my woes..the data light on the modem has turned Red which never used to even blink..
    Pls help me brother!!

  49. Hi Vishnu,

    Do the following steps to findthe current login ip of teracom tdsl300w2 modem.

    1. Connect modem to your PC

    2. Start Command Prompt

    3. Type ipconfig and press enter

    4. Check the default gateway address as modem login ip

  50. Hi Karan,

    I suggest you to follow the instructions provided in the link below.

  51. hello.. i use teracom model-T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI .mine is a wifi model but i can connect it only through my computer . i want it automatically connect to my computer and also to my tab .how can i do that please help please help

  52. If the WiFi is configured, you can connect your tab to the network directly using the WiFi key, you have created.

  53. I am using teracom modem here one usb port, 4 lan port, dsl, wlan is available is it possible to share my android mobile phone internet via usb tehering option and create a wlan for that netwotk. then how to configure it.
    I dont have any dsl connection.

  54. @Santhosh,

    If you are using Android Smartphone, you can create a WiFi network without going for unnecessary troubles by simply enabling WiFi Hotspot feature on the phone.

  55. Hi,

    I'm using Teracom Type II ADSL2+, What is the use of USB in it?
    Can we use USB Dongle in it and share the Wifi?



    The USB port is for the use of connecting your PC to the modem using a USB cable to get Internet in case if you don't use Ethernet cable or WiFi. You cannot connect USB dongle to it.

  57. Hi Alex George,

    Thanks for your reply. Can we use USB Dongle in the modem to share the internet.


  58. I don't think it is possible ILAVAZHUTHI.

  59. My Internet light turned red after configuring my adsl tdsl300w2 bsnl modem. I am using windows 7. Please help

  60. @Trish,

    Power off the modem for 2 minutes and power it back. Still if you see the red button, check the configuration once again. Is still the issue persists, you should contact BSNL customer care.

  61. I am getting webpage cannot be displayed when I try to browse I've reset the modem

    Please help.

  62. Hai admin, there is problem that i can access internet from only one device over wifi of router(vmc an1020-21) its bsnl router. after googling several sites im fraustrated on this problem. Can u suggest anything else for this problem.
    My ISP is apptel broadband,for access internet i should provide login credentials.If i connect to one device over wifi through login credentials and connect another to wifi it asks login credentials if i give login the first device get logout of isp. Thanks in advance.

  63. Have you properly reset the modem ?
    Type ipconfig on command prompt and check the default gateway address.

    Also try hard reset by following the link below.

  64. @Naveen,

    It seems your modem is configured in bridge mode. You must configure the modem in PPPoE. Try follow the guidelines in this article and if it is not working ask the ISP customer support to configure your modem in PPPoE mode.

    1. Hi I contacted customer care but there is no use. .. they don't know abt vci and vpi.. how to find it right for my isp (apptel broadband). What they stand for?

  65. alex george i want to update firmware my teracom modem. how can i download firmware file and how to install.

  66. Hi Arun,

    Once logon to the web based setup page, click on Admin. Under admin, you can see firmware upgrade. Click on it and click the button 'check for updates'. If new version is available, you will be redirected to that page. download it and upload using browse button.

  67. Hi Naveen,

    I have no experience with using apptel broadband and I do not know how to configure their modem. All I can suggest is to send an email to their technical support wing using the email address

    VPI = Virtual Path Identifier

    VCI= Virtual Channel Identifier

    These two are important values which enables connection between Service Provider and modem at customer place.

  68. dear sir,kindly look the matter as we having a modem teracom configured with bsnl conn. for broadband as we are able to surf internet facility only via wire but not working through wireless wifi
    plz reply sir

  69. @Ganderbal Indanegas,

    It seems either the Local Area Network (LAN) is not configured properly. Could you answer the following questions ?

    1. How many devices are connected to the modem via Ethernet cable ?

    2. Are you sure you are connecting the correct Wireless network with correct password

    3. Make sure there is no MAC address filtering is enabled in wireless network.

    4. What is the IPv4 address you are getting while typing ipconfig on the command prompt on the computer which is connected to modem using cable ?

  70. When I connect my BSNL Teracom modem wifi with my mobile it will show "obtaining IP address" and not connected. But If I select static in setting it will ask for IP address and after entering IP address it will connect. Is it possible to not entering any IP address and only entering my wifi password to connect to internet. Please help me.

  71. You must be able to connect to the WiFi automatically after you enter WiFi name (SSID) and password. However, your computer connects to WiFi once you use static IP address and I suggests you to keep the same IP address as long as you are not having any issues to connect.

  72. dear sir, I want to use this modem for some private ISP which uses ethernet cable, I want to use WIFI through this modem cum router, kindly help me!!!

  73. @Tosh,

    Can you tell me the exact configuration details provided by your private ISP ?

    To activate WiFi, go through the instructions provided in the link below.

  74. listen i have reset my broadband and now its not connecting and also not showing the name of it like before it shows bsnl wifi when i open the wifi option but now there is not any option what to do plzzz telll

  75. @Tarun Thawrani

    How did you reset your BSNL WiFi Modem ? If you reset the modem to its factory default, you need to reconfigure it get Internet access. You may follow the instructions provided in this article.


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