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Configure D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router/Modem

D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router is a high speed ADSL Modem with routing feature. DSL-2520U can support up to 2 Mbps upstream and 24 Mbps downstream. If you are using DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router as your ADSL modem you do not need additional Firewall protection because DSL-2520U has its own built in firewall. Another advantage of using D-Link DSL-2520U is the NAT firewall and SPI support for your network. Since it is a modem cum router with DHCP feature, you do not need another device to share Internet connection among multiple computers in your network. You can connect a computer to DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router using Ethernet cable(RJ 45) or USB cable.

Are You Facing Slower Internet With D-link ?

Configure D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router

In order to configure D-Link DSL-2520U in your network, follow the instructions below.
  1. Connect the Phone cable (DSL line) to the WAN/Internet port of D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+  as specified by the ISP

  2. Connect D-Link DSL-2520U to Your Computer using an Ethernet cable

  3. Power on the device and type on the address bar of a browser and login to the web based setup page using following details.

    Username : admin
    Password : admin

  4. Click on Quick Setup and check the box DSL Auto connect

    Click on Next

  5. Enter the VCI/VPI values provided by your ISP to configure Internet connection on your DSL Modem
    Enter VCI VPI details

    Click Next

  6. Select the connection type as specified by your ISP

  7. Configure D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Modem in PPPoE

    If your ISP provides username and password to connect to Internet, you should configure D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ in PPPoE Mode. Advantage of configuring D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem is that you can connect multiple computers to this device and share Internet connection among them. Steps to setup D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem in PPPoE mode is provided below.

    1. Select the connection type PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE)

      click on next.

    2. Enter the Username and password provided by your ISP
      configure PPPoE connection with your D Link modem

      click on next

    3. Check Enable NAT and Enable Firewall
      Enable firewall and NAT

      Click Next

    4. You must enable DHCP server to connect multiple computers to this D-Link Modem. Modem IP address is and Subnet Mask is
      Enable DHCP in Dlink modem

      Starting IP address is and the end IP address is, Subnet Mask is Now click next

    5. Now you are in the summary page.
      reboot Dlink modem

      Click on save and D-Link modem starts reboot.

  8. Configure D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL Modem in Bridge Mode

    If your ISP wants your modem configured in bridge mode, you can follow the steps mentioned here to setup D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+  in bridge mode. The issue with bridge mode is that, you can connect only one computer to the D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem and that computer will get the public IP address provided by ISP. Since there is no option to enable DHCP, you cannot use it as a router. You also need to use an external firewall if you are configuring D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem in bridge mode because the built in firewall is disabled in bridge mode.

    1. Select the connection type Bridging
      Connect mode

      click Next

    2. Check Enable Bridge Service
      Enable Bridge service

      Click Next

    3. Enter the modem IP address as and Subnet Mask

      Click Next

    4. Now we are at final page of bridging D-Link ADSL Modem.

      Click Save. Now Dlink modem starts reboot

Security Features of D-Link DSL-2520U

D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router is able to detect common attacks including DOS attack, port scan attack etc. To learn more about DOS attack and how to prevent, click on the link below.
What is DoS Attack and How to Prevent it

If you have configured D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Combo Router in bridge mode, you cannot use the router feature of this device. You need additional router to connect and share Internet among multiple computers in the network. As I mentioned before, you will need additional Firewall protection for your network since firewall is disabled in bridge mode. If you are planning to add another router to your network, following guide will tell how to configure a D-Link router.
How to Setup D-Link Wireless Router Manually


Sasi said…
Wow beautiful tutorial. Just tell me if I buy this modem, can I use it with BSNL Internet connection ?
Anonymous said…
Can I follow the same steps to setup D link modem (this version)with my Asianet broadband connection ?
Alex said…

You can use D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2 modem for BSNL DSL connection.
Connection type = PPPoE
VPI : 0
VCI : 35


You cannot use DSL modem for Asianet Cable broadband. For that you must have a cable modem.
Anonymous said…
What is the market price of
D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2+ modem?
mrhussein said…
I have an Asus ac68 router that I would like to use as a router. How do I disable the router of this adsl modem?
Alex George said…

Do you want to disable the routing feature of this model ? All you have to do is to logon to the setup page and disable DHCP function.