How to Create a Direct Download Link For Older Versions Of Google Chrome Web Browser?

Last Updated:-August 30, 2013
Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers now. The faster software update is one of the reasons for this success. If you go to the direct download link, you will always get the latest version of the browser. However, by a simple trick, we can download any version of Chrome browser. This tutorial teaches you how to download the older versions of the Chrome browser on your computer.

Let us check how to create a direct download link for the older version of Chrome browser.

We will get an offline installer of it by simply specifying the version number of the required version of Chrome.

We can create a direct download link to it using the last two sessions of the required Chrome version.

The format of the direct download link of any version of the Chrome browser is:
[] + [last two sessions of Chrome version] + [/chrome_installer.exe]

Before using this equation to create a download link for any version, you must check all the available versions.

Without knowing the exact version number, this formula will not give you the download link.

Fortunately, Google publishes a log file of all versions on their blog, and you can find the required version number from there.

To check the available versions of the Chrome browser, visit the link below.

By using the above format, we can create a direct download link for any release of the Google Chrome web browser.

If you find any process running abnormal or not responding, you can kill that process by simply going to the Chrome task manager.

To learn more about this, click on the link below.
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While installing a different version, the previously saved Usernames and Passwords stored on your Chrome Browser may get deleted. So, I suggest you take backup of such data before installing a new version.

This tutorial tells the steps to create a direct download link to download and install any version of Google browser on your computer.

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This link also uses the same equation but with different intention. This article is specifically for every release of the browser from Google.

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To learn more about offline installer click on the link below.
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