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Dell Ultrabooks Comparison: Inspiron 14z Vs XPS 13 Vs XPS 14

A non-technical person usually doesn't have much knowledge of the technical words like registers,retina display, 1080p, multiple core processors etc. Yes, they do have heard of these words but they really don't know what exactly the meaning of these technical terms is and how these terms get their name. Same is the case with the word “Ultrabook”. A non-technical person might consider it as a category of laptops. At this point one should know that Ultrabook is neither a brand name nor a category of laptop. It is a word trademarked by Intel. A laptop computer having a certain set of features is said to be an Ultrabook. This definition of Ultrabook is to rival Apple's Macbook Air laptops. Many laptop manufacturers have joined Intel and offered their own Ultrabooks, and Dell, the laptops leader, tries to take the lead in this competition by offering several models of Ultrabooks, such as XPS 13 and XPS 14.

Pros of Ultrabooks
Ultrabooks are extremely light and thin. They are made …

Convert Android Phone in To a Modem And Connect PC

It is very easy to enable Internet access (data access over mobile network) on Android handset and then convert it to a modem. With the 3G and 4G networks, we do not need to rely on just DSL connection for faster Internet access. With a 3G or 4G network we can access faster Internet connection on our computers by using Android handset as modem. This tutorial explains the steps to convert a Smartphone in to a modem by tethering and access Internet on a computer. There are different types of tethering but this tutorial explains USB tethering to convert mobile handset to modem. Here, the entire procedure is divided in to two parts.
Enable Internet on Android Phone

Convert Android Phone to Modem
Step by step instructions to activate mobile Internet service (Data Access) on mobile handset are provided below.

1. Enable Data Access on Android Phone Click on Application

Go to Settings

Click on Wireless and Networks

Go to Mobile networks

Check the option "Data enabled"
After you check the o…

Why MAC Address Cloning is Required For Cable Internet Connection

CoreNetworkZ is rich with different tutorials to configure and troubleshoot networking devices. After reading some of them, one visitor asked me a question regarding the importance of cloning Media Access Control Address while configuring cable broadband. He is curious to know the reason for cloning the MAC (Hardware) address of the computer into Router while configuring the router with Cable modem. It is because most of the cable Internet providers register the MAC address of the PC Ethernet adapter in their records to allow Internet access to the specific device. This is a safety precaution to block any unregistered computers from accessing their connection. So the only registered computer can access the Internet provided by Cable ISP. In case of DSL Internet Providers, they do not use this method to verify the user. So DSL connection does not care the MAC address of your computer.

When you connect a router to the Cable modem, the cable Internet Provider will block you from acces…

BSNL 3G & 4G Android APN Settings

BSNL is one of the leading mobile data service providers in India. Once you have activated BSNL gprs on a mobile handset, they will send automatic settings. It will come almost instantly and all you have to do is to click the config file and install. If the automatic GPRS settings provided by them does not work, you can configure it manually to access Internet on your Android mobile handset. The same manual steps are valid for configuring 3G on Android phones but you should ensure your phone supports it. Check if your mobile handset supports HSDPA before activating BSNL 3rd generation mobile broadband. If your Android handset supports this facility, the steps provided below are enough to setup BSNL 3G connection on your handset.

How to Configure BSNL GPRS on Android Phone To setup GPRS on Android handset follow the steps below.
Click on Applications

Go to Settings

Click on Wireless and Networks

Click on Mobile networks

Go to Access Point Names (APN)
Now create new APN and provide follow…