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How to Configure Reliance DSL Broadband Modem

This article is a step by step guide to configure Reliance DSL broadband modem by your self. In many cases we may need to reset the Reliance broadband modem to solve some connectivity issues. I hope this article will help you to reconfigure the modem manually. This article is a common guideline for most of the modem versions and I did my best to make sure this article is useful to configure most of the broadband modems supplied by Reliance. Though images are added in this guide, please note that different modems have different setup pages. In case if you want to configure a different modem other than the one send by Reliance, this article will help you.

Manual Setup Guide for Reliance Broadband Modem

Manual steps to configure Reliance DSL Modem are:
  1. Connect Modem to Computer :
    You should connect the LAN port of the Modem to computer using an Ethernet cable (RJ45) and make sure the power light on Reliance modem is steady.
  2. Login to Reliance Modem:
    1. Find the Login IP address of Reliance modem by following the steps mentioned in the link below.
      How to Find the Login IP address of Reliance Modem
    2. Type the login IP address (in most modem versions it is on the address bar of your browser and press enter.

    3. Enter the User name and password provided by the modem manufacturer (in most cases the combination of admin is used as provided in the above link.)

  3. Click on Configure/ Internet Connection/ WAN tab (Depends on modem versions, name also changes)
    Create a new connection in Reliance DSL Modem

    Delete all previously configured connections using delete button
  4. Create new Connection : You can see a button names create or add to create new Internet connection for Reliance DSL broadband connection. Now enter the following values.
    How to setup DSL Reliance modem and router

    VPI= 0
    VCI= 35

    Leave other values default unless you are instructed by Reliance DSL team otherwise. Click next to continue.
  5. Configure Reliance modem in PPPoE mode: In most cases Reliance will give you user name and password. You need to configure your DSL modem in PPPoE to enable Internet on multiple computers. So select the option PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click next.
    Setup Reliance modem in PPPoE mode

  6. Click on Obtain an IP address automatically and make sure the check boxes of Enable NAT and Add Default Route are checked. Click next to continue.
    Set modem to get automatic IP address

  7. Enter user name and password provided by Reliance DSL broadband and make sure Always on radio button is selected.

    Service Name : Reliance DSL
    Broadband User Name : (Provided by Reliance)
    Password : (Provided by Reliance)

    Click next to continue.
  8. Verify the details and click on Apply
  9. You might need to reboot the modem by clicking the Reboot from last button under Admin tab.
    Reboot Reliance Router

    Reboot process may take one minute and wait till power light, DSL light are steady.

Just like how we configure Reliance DSL modem, if you are looking for step by step instructions to setup BSNL modem, follow the steps mentions in the link below.
How to Configure BSNL Broadband Modem


Anonymous said…
Thanks it worked.
Bino said…
I would like to know if the steps to configure reliance modem are same for all modem versions ?
Sukumaran Nair said…
Well , is there any way to use Asianet modem to connect Reliance broadband ? I have been using Asianet DataLine for my home Internet but now shifting to different location. I purchased the modem offered by Asianet DataLine service. so I can keep it with me. I wonder if the same modem can be used to Connect Reliance cable broadband ? BTW which is faster Asianet Internet or Reliance Internet ?

Hope I am not disturbing you.
Anonymous said…
Easy and Simple. Thanx

Admin said…

The configuration step provided in the article is general for all modem versions provided by Reliance broadband.

@ Mr. Nair

If your Asianet modem supports PPPoE configuration, you can use the modem for Reliance broadband.

Speed of Internet service can vary with plans and it is difficult to say about Speed difference between Asianet Internet and Reliance Internet.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for such a wonderful article. Could you please tell me
reliance broadband customer care number for Delhi customers ? I would like to know the toll free number if reliance DSL has any
Meena said…
How can I recharge for reliance broadband ? Also like to know reliance broadband internet plans. Any free offers at this time?
Anonymous said…
How much does a DSL modem cost in India? Is D-link low cost modem ?
Anonymous said…
Can you tell me how to switch on and setup wifi in reliance modem?
Rijo said…
Are you talking about setting up
reliance broadband wired connection ?
Rohit said…
Is Reliance modem Wi-Fi enabled?
Anonymous said…
this will not work on your bsnl modems having lan ports not ethernet once eg. bsnl an1020-21. to get configured go to

belive me it was very simple.
john smith said…
< href= >Reliance Modem <>offers surfing and downloading speeds upto 3.2 Mbps, are extremely small and handy, and also support Micro SD Memory Cards to double up as USB data storage devices. Reliance offers its both post paid and pre paid customers a large number of facilities like good speed, wide network coverage, quick customer assistance, complaint handling etc.
Rishi Vyas said…
my ip adress is

now whn i type it in to the browser it does not give any response
so i cant get into the configuration
could u help me to trouble shoot this one
Alex George said…
The IP address you have mentioned is a public IP address not the modem IP address. Login IP address of your Reliance Modem is

If you have changed the modem login IP address, following link will help you to find it.
Jaibhim Benur said…
I have a Reliance Wired Broadband Connection. Can anybody tell me that, which brand of Router can work best for Reliance Broadband???
Alex said…
@ Jaibhim

Do you have Reliance modem already ? Before planning to buy a router for your reliance connection you must consider your needs. How fast wireless network you need ? How many computers you want to connect etc. If it is for business needs I recommend you to go for business class routers.
wilzad said…
I am trying to connect with my tpsl adsl wifi modem, the pppoe is always down. but when i connect the supplied modem, it works fine. here is the ip details i get from my old modem. the subnet is not as the default what should i do ?
ip :
sub :

dhcp :

dns :
Anonymous said…
Can i use same config to setup my d-link adsl2+ wifi router ?
rashworldonly said…
hi guys iam new in system admin field. I have to know more about networking. I bought a new wired zte modem. i have to configure that. If u dont mind please tell me from first step by step
Amin said…
@ Rashworldonly

Can you tell us the model number of the modem and your ISP ?
Sujith said…

I am not able to access the settings page of my Binatone DT815 Reliance BB Modem, I tried all the combinations.

I tried to replace the reliance modem with cisco modem+router but it is not working.

I heard that reliance BB needs some special configurations in the modem to be worked.

Any help?
Admin said…
Hi Sujith,

Do you mean the login IP is not allowing you to enter the Reliance modem setup page or the username and the password ?

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Arun Prakash said…
Guys Try this, this method did worked for me
1) go to ip address (say
2) then under connection type
3) choose dynamic/fixed IP
4) set vpi=0, vci=35
5) restart router if doesnt work unplug, restart again
thats it, Finished!! You will see green led light on.. Enjoy!!!
Alex George said…
Thanks Arun for your steps.