Turn Windows Search In to Instant Internet Search Engine Google & Bing

If you are using Windows computer, you can configure your default Windows Search(WS) in the start menu to conduct an instant search on the Internet without opening the browser and visiting Search Engines (SE). You can turn Windows Search into your favorite SEs like Google, Bing or Yahoo and use the power of your favorite SE to Search Internet instantly using WS. Here in this tutorial, you can see steps to convert default Windows Search to your favorite Internet Search Engines like Google and Bing.

For this, we have to access Group Policy edit on your computer where we can configure it without any issues. This feature is available in Windows10, Vista, 7 and 8.

Configure Custom Instant Search Internet Search Provider On Your Computer

  1. Type gpedit.msc on Run or Search and press enter

  2. Click on User Configuration, and select Administrative Templates

  3. Click on Windows Components, and select Instant Search
    Use Google or Bing Search from Start Menu

  4. Double click on Custom Instant Search Internet Search Provider

  5. Select Enabled

  6. Turn Windows Computer Search into Google

    To convert WS on your computer to Google Instant, follow the steps below.
    1. Enter the name of the Search under "string" (Eg: My Google)

    2. Type the following string under the URL to use when invoking the custom Internet search.

      Now click on Apply.

    3. Now type a string on WS and see if you can see the Instant Internet Search Provider.
      show Google

  7. Convert Windows Search to Bing Instant

    To convert Windows search on your computer to Bing, follow the steps below.
    1. Enter the name of the SE under string (Eg: My Bing)

    2. Type the following string under "the URL to use when invoking the custom Internet search".
      how to add

      Now click on Apply.
Now you know how to convert default WS in the start menu into Instant Internet SEs like Google and Bing. There is one more method to show it on Microsoft menu without configuring the "Custom Instant Search Internet Search engine Provider" settings in Group Policy edit.

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To learn more about it and show a link to "Search the Internet" on start menu click on the link below.
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Here in this article, we have edited the way default WS works. Now onwards Windows search will work as the preferred Search Engine configured from GPedit.

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