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Access & Transfer Downloaded Hotstar Video Files to External Storage

Hotstar is one of the most popular Indian based web platforms to watch movies and popular TV shows on SmartPhones. They also allow SmartPhone users to download Films and shows on Mobile Phones for offline watching.

Sounds great but there are some untold restrictions that many users don't know. The downloaded videos are in an encrypted format, and only the Hotstar App can read them.

In other words only by Hotstar App, you can play those video files even offline.

You cannot play them by other media players like VLC player, GOM player, etc. The second restriction is on changing the download path of Hotstar downloading. By default, Hotstar App saves downloaded video files on Mobile Phone Internal memory.

For those having lower Internal memory on their Mobile Handset face issues with exhausting Phone memory by Hotstar downloaded files.

This tutorial explains how to change the Hotstar video download path to external memory or even external memory storage and convert Hotstar downloaded video files to normal video files using professional applications.

Default Hotstar Video Download Path
Many users wonder where to look for Video files downloaded from Hotstar on their Mobile Phones. It is because the Hotstar app is not providing the path to the storage folder where it saves the video files.

Hotstar simply let users play the downloaded files through their App and delete them once the user watched them. The default download path on Hotstar is:

Internal Storage > Android > data > in.startv.hotstar > files > downloads

You can find the video files downloaded using Hotstar App by looking at the location given.

Transfer Hotstar Downloaded Files from Phone to External Memory
You can copy the files stored in the below location in Phone Internal Memory to any external memory device or even SD card. However, these files are encrypted, and you need to copy back to the exact location if you want to play them using Hotstar App.

Convert Hotstar Video files to Normal Video Files and Download
It is possible to convert movies and TV shows hosted on Hotstar to normal video file format and download. To perform this task, we need third-party applications.

My favorite application to convert encrypted Hotstar video files to normal video files and download is Videoder.

Official website to download Videoder is

Note: Videoder is no longer supporting direct downloading from Hotstar.

Direct link to download Videoder App is

PS: It is important to note that Videoder is not available on the Google Play Store due to the strict guidelines on download Apps. Other than the lack of presence in the Google Play Store, this App is safe (it includes Ads).

About The Author:

Alex George is a Cisco and Microsoft certified Network Engineer. He has been working in the Network Engineering field since 2006.

He has hands-on experience in configuring and troubleshooting various Video streaming and downloading Apps for both corporates and small IT firms.

To learn more about his qualifications and work experience, please visit the About Us page.


Manisha Pandey said…
Looking for a way to download HotStar Premium movies and shows for free ? It is possible to download and watch rental English and Hindi movies hosted on Hotstar database for free. This App help you download premium shows.
Get Free Access to Hotstar Premium Movies and Shows
Anish Gupta said…
Where will be the videos downloaded from hotstar saved? I searched the entire Samsung Galaxy note but I could not find the Hotstar videos downloaded. I use Android 6
Alex George said…
@Anish Gupta

You can find downloaded hotstar video files on your Note in Internal Storage. The exact location to find those video files:

Internal Storage > Android > data > in.startv.hotstar > files > downloads
Unknown said…
how to access downloaded video like normal video file
Alex George said…
If you want to access and play the downloaded video files, the only option is via Hotstar app. To access and view the downloaded video files in its encrypted format, follow the route below.
Internal Storage > Android > data > in.startv.hotstar > files > downloads
videos downloaded via videoder doesnt play the last 20 mins while pendrive connected to television
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said…
Thanks Buddy Really Helpfull
Unknown said…
Thank you. Your tips helped a lot.
NMJ said…
But now videoder is not support. The videos can be open by only videoder app.....
What will do?????
NMJ said…
thank for saying the storage space
Now I can copy those videos to my laptop......Thanks a lot!!!
Alex George said…

Hotstar seems increased their security. I will soon update the article with other options.
Priya said…
Videoder no longer seems to work for Hotstar as I'm unable to download and play anything at all for that matter. Kindly suggest any other third party application that would help me download videos from hotstar. Please...
Rejith Menon said…
Is it illegal watching Hotstar from Soudi Arabia? I can't access programs from Hotstar from both mobile app and website. Plz tell me how to Watch Hotstar in Saudi Arabia?
Alex George said…
@ Rejith Menon

I do not know whether the Saudi Arabian laws prohibit people from watching Hotstar content. If Hotstar is blocked in Saudi Arabia, you may need good VPN / Proxy to access it.
Thangamani said…
Hi priyanka,NMJ & @lex George.
Try this path /storage/sdcard1/videoder/.cp_data/.data to access the downloaded hotstar files in videoder app.
Hope this will help you guys.
Thangamani said…
Hi Frnds use this path to /storage/sdcard1/videoder/.cp_data/.data to access downloaded hotstar files in videoder app.hope this will help you guys.
Alex George said…
@ Thangamani

Thank you for giving the Videoder download location.
Customer said…
/storage/sdcard1/videoder/.cp_data/.data this path is empty in my mobile, even i have downloaded 4 videos from hotstar
Alex George said…
@ Customer

Open FileManager on your Android Phone and follow the path.

Internal Storage > Videoder

You can see the downloaded files here.
Tech-Blog said…
I am not able to see the downloaded video from vidioder. Even I check all the root folder. Cleaner is saying you have 5 GB residual files but not showing. Why to do to them them in card.
Alex George said…
@ Unknown

Have you checked the path I provided in the article?
Internal Storage > Videoder
Anonymous said…
I downloaded a tamil movie on videoder through hotstar. But the app does not show any subtitles. Please resolve as soon as possible
Raj said…
If me and my friend are using same hotstar account, can I watch a video in my mobile, which my friend downloaded in his mobile?
Alex George said…
@ Raj

You can play Hotstar video files on the same phone (on which you have downloaded the video) only as per the latest Hotstar settings.
Tomminy said…
i use Allavsoft to Download any Hotstar video, any live sports video, any movie video, any Indian TV show, etc for you to conveniently play the downloaded Hotstar video in any location, US, Canada, India and many other countries.
Alex George said…
@ Tomminy

Thanks for sharing your favorite App to download and convert Hotstar video files.
Jhansi said…
Hi sir I'm not able to see the videos which I downloaded from videoder to Hotstar. Is there any option to download the videos from Hotstar please suggest me

Alex George said…
@ Jhansi

Open the file manager and go to Internal storage. Open Videoder folder to see the files you have downloaded through the Videoder App.
Toobs.S said…
I can no longer download videos from hotstar. Any way around it? Plus, does anyone a good app to convert .webm file to mp4 without losing quality and without any change to original file size?
Alex George said…
@ Toobs.S

If you open Hotstar in the Opera browser, you can download the video files in mp4 format using the Opera video download app.
Toobs.S said…
Hey Alex. Thank you so mu5ch for sharing tgis. Will you please share the name of the opera video downloader. I couldn't find it on playstore
Sowmya said…
I can download from hotstar in Android but I don't know where the downloaded file...I looked up all the path mentioned above. :(
Alex George said…
@ Toobs S

It is an Opera browser Extension.

Search for Flash Video Downloader (FVD) in
Baani said…
I cannot find the files downloaded via videoder from hotstar. Searched all the files and folders in my file manager still i am unable to do so. Plz help.
Alex George said…
@ Baani, Sowmya

Videoder no longer supports downloading from Hotstar in normal video format. You should try Flash Video Downloader from Opera.

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