Comparison - Kerala Vs Gujarat Development Models

In contemporary India, while considering development, Kerala and Gujarat are two leading states. I have been watching a lot of heated arguments from different corners about the comparison of the different model of development adopted in these two Indian states. Some say the Kerala Model of Development outshines Gujarat Model of Development while others argue the opposite. Not only the common people but also the world famous economists are taking part in this debate. It is a very interesting discussion, and it includes the overall economic conditions, GDP, investments attracted, number industries present, healthcare, wealth generation, literacy, etc.

I am not going to press my views on whether development in Gujarat or Kerala is better on this article but I will share statistical data published by Government agencies and reputable NGOs. Once you have completed the reading, you won't face any issues to decide the winner. I leave the judgment of whether the Kerala Development Model or the Gujarat Development Model is better for the readers.

Compare GDP Growth Rate of Gujarat With Kerala

As we know the Gross domestic product (GDP) is the net market value of all final goods and services produced in a region. While comparing GDP of the Indian state Gujarat with another Indian state Kerala, we can see Gujarat performs better than Kerala.
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Historical GDP value and rank of Gujarat and Kerala is given in the chart below.
Financial YearGDP of GujaratGDP of Kerala
2014-2015 INR 895,202 CroreINR 519,896 Crore
2013-2014INR 806,745 CroreINR 462,916 Crore
2012-2013INR 712,123 CroreINR 412,313 Crore
2011-2012INR 594,563 CroreINR 307,906 Crore
2010-2011INR 521,519 CroreINR 263,773 Crore
2009-2010INR 431,262 CroreINR 231,999 Crore

Comparing Kerala With Gujarat on HDI

Human Development Index (HDI) is the best unit to measure the quality of life of people resides in a particular region. By comparing the HDI of two regions, we can easily find out people of which region live in better living conditions. If we compare HDI of Kerala with HDI of Gujarat, anyone can see the life standard of people in Kerala is superior.
YearHDI of Kerala HDI of Gujarat

Comparing The Literacy Rate Of Kerala With Gujarat

Now let us compare the rate of literacy in Gujarat and Kerala. While considering the literacy rate, Gujarat is far behind Kerala. The chart given below shows historical literacy rate in Kerala and Gujarat.
YearLiteracy rate in Kerala Literacy rate in Gujarat

Comparison of Unemployment Rate Among Gujarat & Kerala

Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in India. Kerala is one among the Indian states with the highest unemployment rate. Below chart shows the unemployment rate (number of unemployed people per 1000) with rank among the other Indian States.
YearUnemployment Rate Kerala Unemployment Rate Gujarat
2015-16125 (3rd Position)9 (29th position)

Comparison of Life Expectancy Among Kerala & Gujarat

While considering the expected life span of people in Kerala and Gujarat, Kerala performs better. People of Kerala has the highest life expectancy in India.
YearLife Span Kerala Life Span Gujarat
2002-0674 64.1

Comparison of Suicide Rate Among Gujarat & Kerala

While considering the suicide rate in Gujarat and Kerala, Gujarat has a lower suicide rate compared to Kerala. Below chart shows the suicide rate in Kerala and Gujarat per 100000.
YearSuicide Rate in Kerala Suicide Rate in Gujarat

Comparing The Road Density of Kerala With Gujarat

Road density in a particular region tells the accessibility of the people living there. If we compare the road density of Kerala with the road density of Gujarat, Kerala is at a better position.
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YearRoad Density of Kerala Road Density of Gujarat
201637.49m/km^216.55 m/km^2

Telephone Density in Kerala & Gujarat

Kerala and Gujarat are the two leading states with high telephone density in India. Kerala has the highest telephone density in India.
YearTelephone Density of Kerala Telephone Density of Gujarat

Comparison of Ease of Doing Business -Gujarat Vs Kerala

When we consider ease of doing business, Gujarat is one of the best investor friendly states in India. Kerala is far behind in ranking while considering Gujarat as an Investor friendly state.
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Comparing The Infant Mortality Rate in Kerala & Gujarat

Infant Mortality Rate in Gujarat is higher than the Infant Mortality Rate in Kerala. While considering the chart below, anyone can understand Kerala is far better in Healthcare. Below chart provides Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) (per 1000 live births) of Kerala and Gujarat.
YearIMR of Kerala IMR of Gujarat