BSNL Kerala Circle Data Plans & Latest STV Activation Code

Very recently, BSNL has changed the STV codes for the 3G data plans including changes in validity of days with the amount of Data usage. Some users find it is difficult to get the latest STV codes, validity and the amount of data allowed for the specific STV code. The CoreNetworkZ team will update this post with the latest BSNL 3G / 4G data plans with respective STV code to activate the same from their Mobile Phones. In addition to the list the updated BSNL 3G data STV codes, this post provides additional tips like how to check BSNL data balance on Mobile Phone, check the offers available, block unnecessary alerts from Service Provider etc.. At the end of the tutorial, some of the Frequently Asked Questions by BSNL customers are answered.

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Check Current BSNL Data STV Codes
You can easily check currently available BSNL 3G Data plans and respective STV codes from your mobile phone. To do this, follow the steps given below.
  1. Dial *124# on your handset

  2. Now you will get a menu
    1. Press 1 Balance

    2. Recharge

    3. STV

    4. Plan change

    5. FnF

    6. 0 to exit

    Type 3 and click Send

  3. Now the below menu will be listed on the screen

    1. Press 1 STV Enquiry

    2. STV Subscribe

    3. 9 to go back to main menu or 0 to exit
    Type 2 and click Send

  4. You will get the following menu on the screen

    Please choose bundle type
    1. GPRS

    2. VOICE

    3. SMS

    4. ROAM

    5. COMBO

    6. ISD

    Type 1 and click Send

  5. Now you will see the available STV codes on screen and all you have to do is to type the number next to it and click send.

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BSNL Kerala Circle Updated Data Plans and STV Codes
BSNL often provided different Data plans for different circles. You can see different data plans for BSNL customers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. Here the latest data plans for BSNL customers in Kerala state are listed. For the ease of SMS activation, respective STV codes too added.

STV Code Data Free Usage Validity
STV Data14 110 MB 1 Day
STV Data78 1 GB 5 Days
STV Data98 650 MB 14 Days
STV Data155 1 GB 15 Days
STV Data156 2 GB 10 Days
STV Data549 10 GB 30 Days
STV Data198 1 GB 28 Days
STV Data1099 Unlimited without speed restriction 30 Days

STV Activation by SMS
You can activate BSNL 3G data service by sending SMS to the number 123. To enable 3G data by SMS, you must type the exact STV code on message ( eg: STV Data 14 ) and send to 123. Once your SMS is received, you will get a message like. " Bundle subscription success. DATA14 available and valid till 00/00/00".

Unable to Start DATA Service
Sometimes BSNL customers face issues with starting 3G data on their handset even if the DATA plan is activated. If you find difficulty in accessing data, you must send SMS "START" to 1925 ( without "" ).

Frequent Wireless Disconnection On BSNL Phone
If you are facing frequent wireless disconnection with your BSNL wireless network, you may try tips provided in the link below.
BSNL Wireless Disconnects Frequently

Check STV Usage On Phone
You can check the Mobile Internet Data usage on your BSNL handset and find out the remaining data balance with an expiry date. For BSNL Kerala Circle, you have to dial *124*4# and you will get an alter which shows remaining BSNL data with validity expiring day.

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