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Last Updated:-August 20, 2010
I have been using Tor Proxy to browse anonymously for more than two years and I am happy with its performance. I believe this product is worth to be promoted because it is free and hassle-free. Before choosing it, I tried different similar products and finally, I picked it as my favorite proxy software. It is more than enough to protect your anonymity and not very slow compared to other free tools. If you experience any speed difference in browsing through Tor proxy and non-proxy browse, it is negligible because even paid tools show a reduction in browsing speed. This article is my review about Tor Proxy with Browser Bundle.

Before installing the best free proxy software on your computer, you must check the minimum requirements. You should make sure the OS version you are using is supported. You need Firefox browser and with Tor button extension you can toggle the status of Tor Proxy to either on or off.

Once the status is on, your browser starts to browse anonymously by using IP addresses from different geographical locations. To avoid detection, it will automatically refresh the current IP address and makes it difficult to trace.

It follows the concepts of the second generation of onion routing while doing it. When the status is off, the browser will work normally by using your real IP address.

Known Issues with the Tor Proxy
  1. With Google

    Sometimes Google asks me to enter a captcha to continue to use Google while browsing anonymously. Though it happens rarely, this is an issue I see in Tor Proxy.

  2. Java

    It disables the use of Java, Flash, Active X etc. So most web media players won't work if you are using this tool. Tor disables Java, Flash and all for the security reasons.

    These features can find the actual IP address of a user and Tor disables them for providing at-most anonymity. You can enable Java and Flash by compromising security.

  3. Torrents

    Tor has limited support for torrents and other Peer to Peer tools. It is not recommended to use this tool when you run torrents. The reason is the peer to peer connection established by torrents.
You can report any bugs or issues with this tool while browsing anonymously using the link given below.

Best Practice
  1. Keep two browsers -one for Tor proxy and other for normal browsing

  2. I use portable Firefox with custom settings from Tor Proxy team. So I can use my normal Firefox for normal browsing and portable Firefox for anonymous browsing. You can download the browser bundle from the link below.

  3. Do not run Torrents because it may expose your real IP address

Where to Download Tor Proxy
  1. For Windows users, visit the link below.

  2. For Linux users, visit the link below.

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  1. great review ,very informative...

    i think i am going to check out tor proxy

  2. Alex George1:03 PM

    Thanks for your comment Nithin.

  3. Shin Pin7:29 AM

    Thank you Alex. I have been looking for a really working proxy and Tor is perfect for my needs.

  4. Andrew6:21 AM

    Tor Proxy is available for Android users too. You can download Tor App from Android play store and install. Look for Orbot - Proxy with Tor. Direct link is

  5. Steve Smith10:47 AM

    Do not open any documents you have downloaded while running Tor. It will ruin your entire safety.


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