View Saved Passwords in Opera Browser - Password recovery

There is a way to see the already saved passwords in Opera browser. As in other browsers (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox ) Opera too ask the question whether saving your password or not while entering the user name and password to login to your online accounts. If you press the save button, your user name and password will be stored in Opera. Normally it is not available to general users but using some freeware tools we can retrieve the saved passwords stored in opera.

If you are looking for a way to recover stored password from Firefox, click on the link below.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox

How to View Saved User Name and Passwords in Opera

Unlike Firefox, Password recovery is not straight in Opera. you should download a freeware called OperaPassView from OperaPassView is an executable file which will show saved passwords in Opera Browser in your computer.

See how the stored password display:

Opera Password Viewer - View saved passwords in Opera browser

Here you can see my Gmail user name and password stored in Opera browser. Like this, you can see the stored passwords and user name of all online accounts saved in Opera.

To download this program click on the link below.

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