Setup Netopia Wi-Fi Router ( 3347) For AT&T and Other DSL Connections

Netopia Wi-Fi Business Router Model 3347 is a recommended wireless router from AT&T for its business users. To share DSL Internet connection from AT&T modem to multiple users, you can use this wireless router(some times you don't need another modem depends on the settings from your DSL provider). Configuration of Netopia Wi-Fi router (Model 3347) is via telnet connection (not by the normal browser based configuration). So to Setup Netopia wireless router , you should have a telnet software running on your computer.

Start Telnet connection to Netopia wireless router

First connect your computer to the LAN port of the Netopia router using an Ethernet cable and power on the router. If you are using a Windows computer, it is easy to access Netopia router using telnet connection. Follow the steps below to access the Netopia router setup page.

1. Click on Start

2. On Run Command type telnet

If you are using Windows 7 computer, you may need to enable run command in start menu.

How to enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

3. Now the Netopia telnet logon window will be opened.

How to setup Netopia Router with ATT DSL BRoadband Internet connection

Setup Netopia Wireless Router for DSL Internet connection

Now the configuration of Netopia Wireless Router is:

1. Configure DSL in Netopia Wi-Fi router

On the telnet screen you should select Easy Setup and press return to bring DSL Line configuration page in Netopia configuration menu.

[In telnet session to set change to a selected item press enter.]

Configuration of DSL Line in Netopia Wireless router

Enter the VPI and VCI numbers provided from your Internet Service Provider. All other details are the default settings if your DSL provider said anything else.

2. Configure WAN and LAN IP address in Netopia Router

In this step you can change your WAN IP and LAN IP in Netopia Wireless router.
Setup LAN and WAN Settings in Netopia modem for ATT and other DSL providers

Here if you want to use NAT for Netopia router, you should make sure that Address Translation is enabled (better it is enabled if you are planning to connect multiple computers in the network.)

If you are using the dynamic IP address from your Internet Service Provider better keep WAN IP as In the same way if you are using DHCP leave the LAN IP as

3. Local Networking in Netopia Router

Netopia router settings are:

Local Networking in Netopia Router

Netopia Router Login IP :
Subnet Mask :

4. Enable Password protection for Netopia Router

Last step is create a password for Netopia Router to protect it from unwanted access.

Enable password protection in Netopia Wireless Router

Now you should restart Netopia Router. When the device is back we can start using it to share the DSL connection among multiple users.

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