Change Wireless Network Name (SSID) On D-Link Router and Hide Network

One week ago, one of my friend called me to fix wireless network issues at his home. He complained he was getting good signals and connected properly to his wireless network but after a while his computer automatically disconnecting. I asked him whether he was connected to the right wireless network. His answer was yes. He told me he was using D-Link router and the wireless network name (SSID) was dlink. He was pretty sure, his laptop was connected to the right network since the wireless network name was the same name configured in his D-Link router. I asked him to switch off the router and check if he could connect to the wireless. He did the same and told me yes. Still he was connected. His computer was connected to someone else unsecured wireless network with the same SSID. To avoid this type of mistakes it is better you change the default Wireless Network Name (SSID) set by the router manufacturer and give a unique name. To change the Wireless Network Name (SSID) on D-Link Wireless Router, follow the steps below.

How to Change Wireless Network Name on D-Link Router

  1. Log in to D-link Router: Type on the address bar of browser and enter admin as user name. You can leave the password field blank.
  2. Click on Wireless Settings tab
  3. Click on Manual Wireless Connection Setup button

    Change wireless name in D Link router
  4. You can delete the default wireless network name and write your own wireless network name
    configure  wireless name in d link router
  5. Click on Save Settings

Hiding Your Wireless Network from Others

By hiding your Wireless network from others give you one more layer of protection. Though it is not very effective against skilled intruders, there is no harm in trying this. To hide your Wireless network (D-Link Wireless Router), follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Log in the router and open manual wireless connection setup page.
  2. Select the visibility status as invisible
  3. Click on Save settings

After this, your wireless network will be hidden from others. In order to connect to the hidden network, you have to type the SSID manually and click connect. If you are looking for steps to configure Internet in D-Link wireless router, follow the steps provided in the link below.
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This article is specifically to change the wireless network name on D-Link router. To learn more about configuring wireless network on D-Link router, click on the link below.
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In case if you face any issues with connecting to the D-Link wireless network after changing the SSID, the steps mentioned in the link below can help you.
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