Getting Invalid MAC Address Error Message

For the past one week, I have been noticing slower Internet speed on my home computers without any reasons. I am not using any torrents or other bandwidth consuming tools on any of the PCs but recently one representative from my ISP informed me about over bandwidth usage. I inquired her about my reduced bandwidth but she said everything from their side was working perfectly. Since the ISP side is working perfectly, problem must be from our end. Perhaps some other user is using our wireless anonymously to access Internet and may be downloading large files. Airtel is my Internet Service Provider and my experience with them is so far good. I have been getting almost the same speed they offered and it is the time to instigate the culprit who uses my home WiFi. Airtel supplied D-Link DSL 2730U modem and it doesn't have any feature to find the log of connected devices. So I have decided to change the current WiFi password and allow only my home computers and laptop to join the WiFi by using MAC Restriction. However, soon I have noticed a new error message while adding MAC addresses to allowed devices list. MAC address "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" is invalid MAC address is the error message which prevented me from adding.

Prevent Automatic PC Reboot
Error message looks like the one below.

If you don't know how to improve the WiFi security on D-Link DSL 2730U, visit the link below.
How to Secure Airtel DSL Modem

This article discuss the common reasons for rejecting a Physical number by a router while configuring a Media Access Control filter.

Common Reasons For Invalid MAC
  • If you are using a different format to enter Media Access Control number other than the one which is supported by the device, you will receive the invalid MAC alert. Once you click on the OK button, the entries you entered will be deleted automatically. So the first step you have to do, if you are facing this situation, is to check the correct format which is supported by the device. Certain devices use ":" to separate the hexa decimals but some devices use "-". Try different format and use the one which is approved. I have used hyphen instead of colon to separate the numbers because my computer showed the MAC number in xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx format. A simple mistake but D-link rejected my entries.

  • Another solution for this issue is to upgrade the current firmware. If your router is having an outdated version of firmware, it is the time to flash it with latest one.

I have changed the format from hyphen to colon. After that change, D-Link showed no error.

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Bare Domain Is Not Opening Or Redirecting To WWW Version (NameCheap)

Today I saw one strange redirection issue with, where its bare address is not opening or redirecting to the WWW version. At first I thought it might be an issue with my Internet Service Provider but their support team said that everything was working properly at their side. While searching with popular webmaster forums, it is convinced the issue is not with blogger custom domain name settings. As a last resort I contacted the live chat support of my domain registrar. CoreNetworkZ is registered with NameCheap, one of my first choice domain name registrars. While troubleshooting the issue with the support person, he informed me that it was due to DDoS attack against their default DNS server and they might want a little bit time to resolve it. He suggested me to change the current DNS server I selected for my web address to backup DNS System. Though changing current DNS server may help to escape from DDoS attack, it can take up to 24 hours to see the result. To see the updated news about the DDoS attack on NameCheap DNS system, follow the link below.

If you are a NameCheap customer and facing issues with redirecting naked domain address to WWW version, you may follow the steps below to resolve the issue. I have checked the status of CoreNetworkZ with various online tools. See the screenshots below.

For WWW version, there is no problems.

I have also received warning in Google Webmaster Tools account.

Changing Current NameCheap DNS Server
  1. Login to NameCheap account using the link

  2. Go to Manage Domains from 'My Account'

  3. Click on Switch to DNS System v1 under General in left hand side

  4. Now you need to check the check box at 'Transfer your domain to DNS System v1'

  5. Click on Save Changes button

  6. Now you will see the message about the DNS status update

  7. Make sure the Domain name servers updated

Problems With Changing DNS System

According to NameCheap, most of the features work properly but if you have set 301 redirection [URL Redirect 9301) ]instead of 'URL Redirect', it will be back to plain URL Redirect. It is also possible to see troubles with email forwarding for a few minutes soon after the changes. They also warn the time delay to see the results of the changes. Depends on the Internet Service Provider, you may see time between a few minutes to a delay up to 24 hours to see the result. Though this limitations are really annoying, until the DDoS attack is over, it is better use backup Server. Six months ago I had faced a similar issue but it was with Blogger. All blogger sites with custom URL failed to open for a day. If you like to read more about that issues, visit the link below.
Are These Websites  Down Really Or Just Me ?

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Solve GoDaddy Error: There is a Problem With the Information You Provided

GoDaddy is one of my favorite domain name registrars and I have been using their service for the past five years. They offer low cost domain name registration for the first year with a rate not many other registrars cannot offer. I have been using this privilege ( like 108 Indian rupees for a .com domain ) to register names for my projects but recently I faced an issue while placing the order. The system is not letting me to complete the transaction. At first I thought it is a common bug but sooner I discovered the true nature of it. Whenever I use GoDaddy promotion code to cut down the price, system shows error. Whenever I click on Place Your Order button, it responded with the following message.

There is a problem with the information you provided. Please ensure all fields are completed properly.

So many thoughts went though my mind after seeing this alert. I checked this situation without using their promotional code and that time everything was fine. There was no error message while clicking the Place Your Order button when I was ready to pay the full price. I confirmed the situation with my friends and they said that whenever they continued the shopping without applying coupon codes, there was no error while placing the order. Whenever they used coupon code to get reduced rate, the same issue appeared. I was in the impression that 108 Indian rupee for a new domain name from GoDaddy is just a marketing gimmick to attract users and they do want us to pay the full amount once the order is about to complete. However, I was wrong and I knew it while talking with their customer support. We can solve the GoDaddy billing error There is a problem with the information you provided. Please ensure all fields are completed properly. by following a simple step.


The above mentioned error code appears only when a user use coupon code to cut down the price of the product he purchased. It is because the coupon code he used is applicable only for USA and Canada customers. So if you are from a different country, you are not authorized to use them. However, GoDaddy doesn't discriminate people on the base of their logon IP location. So if one user changed his default currency from his local currency to US or Canadian Dollar, this error message will not appear. This facility only works for those users, whose cards support payment in US or Canadian Dollar. I have changed my default currency from Indian Rupee to USA Dollar and the error message disappeared.

How to Change Default Currency Set on GoDaddy

If you do not know how to change the default currency set on GoDaddy account, follow the steps below.
  1. Logon to account

  2. Go to My Account

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Change the currency selected at Currency Preference in the Account Owner Information

  5. Click on Save Changes button

To know more about it, I recommend you to visit the link below.

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