This Domain is Already Assigned to an Account When I Add to Hosting in Godaddy

Two days ago I purchased a new domain name from Godaddy in the same account where I have hosting too. It is very simple to add the domain name to hosting if both features are in the same account. However, I faced a strange issue when I tried to add this new domain name to my web host account. I could not add the name and got an error message this domain is already assigned to an account. For me, it is a brand new name. So I contacted Godaddy technical support.

Technical support team informed me, this domain name already connected to a hosting account in their network. Since it is not my hosting account, someone else added it to his hosting.

I requested the Godaddy team about it. They removed the address from the previously hosted account and informed me to wait 24 hours to add it to my hosting.

I added the domain name to my web host account yesterday. Now it works perfectly.

this domain is already assigned to an account in Godaddy web hosting account error

Now I feel I have purchased an expired domain name which was using Godaddy hosting service. His domain name expired, but the hosting is still active.

If you are facing the same issue this domain is already assigned to an account you can either call Godaddy technical support or use their online support. If you are using online support, (email support) they will respond you back within 3 hours.

The link to Godaddy online support is:

If you plan to use Godaddy telephone support, you can use the following phone number to reach them. If you want to use their telephone support, you must use the secret pin you have created while opening the account.

It is to verify that they are serving the real account owner.
(480) 505-8877

I have been using Godaddy services for more than five years. I still remember the days I struggled to add a custom domain for my blogger blog.

I also faced issues with redirecting non-www version of the domain name to www version.

If I type the non-www version of URL to view a blog page, it redirects to the home page.

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That issue is a strange issue compared to showing 404 error page.

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