How to Point Custom Subdomain Address To a Blogspot Blog?

Blogspot is a free blogging platform provided by Google suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers. Anyone can create a free blog with this platform by creating an account on using a google account.

The free blog you create with will have a Blogspot subdomain address. However, if you have a domain name, you can point it to this free Blogspot blog.

You can set a custom domain name for your free Blogspot blog using the domain name you purchased. For example, is a free Blogspot blog.

I have explained the step-by-step guide to set a custom domain name to a free Blogspot blog in my previous tutorial.

You can read that article by following the link provided below.

In this tutorial, I am explaining a different thing. You can create a subdomain on your custom domain Blogspot blog.

In other words, you can point your subdomain address to a Blogspot blog.

Point Your Custom Subdomain Address to a Blogger Blog

As I explained, is a custom domain Blogspot blog. Today I am going to create a travel blog with the subdomain address using the Blogger.

I am not going to purchase a hosting space for my new travel blog. All I do is point my travel blog created in Blogspot to the new custom subdomain.

To do this, one must know how to create a subdomain for a Blogger blog in your domain control panel and how to point to the blog.

Let me explain the procedure step by step.

How to Assign a Custom Subdomain Address to A Blogspot Blog?

  1. Log into your Blogger account

  2. Choose the blog to which you need to point the subdomain name

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Click on Custom Domain

  5. Enter the subdomain name You can use either the naked subdomain or the www version

    I am using the www version of the subdomain name.

  6. I typed and click the save button.

  7. Blogger will show an error indicating you missed the step to update the CNAME on your Domain Control Panel.
    We have not been able to verify your authority in this domain. On your domain registrar's website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination: and (Name: XXXXX, Destination:

  8. Copy the two CNAME details showed in the error message.

Now you need to login to the Domain Control Panel. I purchased my domain name from Godaddy.

So, I need to add the Blogger CNAME in the Godaddy control panel.

How to Create Subdomain in Godaddy and Point to a Blogspot Blog?

  1. Sign In to your Godaddy account

  2. Click on your Account name and choose the option My Products

  3. Click on the Manage adjacent to the domain name you want to create a subdomain

  4. Click on Manage DNS

  5. On the DNS Management page, click on Add

  6. Select CNAME and enter the CNAME provided by the Blogger

    You should change the hostname WWW with the subdomain name. As I told you before, my subdomain is travel.

    So, instead of WWW, I use as the hostname.

  7. Click the Save button. You need to add the second CNAME too.

  8. Now come back to the Blogger settings page and save the custom subdomain name

  9. Wait for 24 hours.

Waiting is an important factor in this procedure. It will take hours to propagate your new CNAME settings by your domain registrar.

Until then, you will get a warning from the blogger.
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