How to Change Link Color On Blog Posts From Blogger Template Designer

The high bounce rate of a blog is due to the bouncing back of visitors coming to a post without visiting other pages. It can happen either due to low-quality content or there is no way or need to visit other pages (fully satisfied with the information and no need to browse more). In case if the visitor got what he was looking for, there is no chance to hold him without offering something else which attracts him. For that, we must project the interesting posts and get the attention of the visitor.

The color of links pointing to other pages on your blog(internal URLs) plays a big role here among other factors. If he cannot find the links in the content (identical colors for both text and link), he will not click them. So it is important to give an attracting difference to the internal links.

We can change the link color on blog posts from Blogger Template Designer. From Blogger Template Designer, we can change the link color, visited link color and hover color.

Use the Blogger Template Designer to Change Link Color On Blog Post
To change the internal URL color on blog posts using Blogger Template Designer follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger Account and Go to Dashboard

  2. click on Template and click on Customize button
    How to optimize internal link color for more clicks

  3. Click on Advanced and select links
    Blogger template designer to optimize external URL color

  4. After changing with the right code, click on Apply to Blog

If an internal link placed on an article is eye-catching, it can lead to more clicks and page views. So we can reduce the bounce rate of the blog. By eye-catching, it does not mean fancy colors.

Internal URL color must be professional otherwise users will doubt the quality of the post content. Now let us consider the structure of blogger post URLs. It shows the date of your blog post publishing, and there is a way to get rid of this factor from post URLs.

To learn about it click on the link below.
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  1. Cancel ?m=1 Blogspot Page URL
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This post is about the Blogger Template Designer tips to change the color of Internal links on your blogger blog. It does not say about traffic to a blog.

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However, if you are interested to know how to transfer traffic getting on one blogger link to another click on the link below.
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  1. How to add blue colour for my blog links ?

  2. To give blue color for your blogger blog links, you must give link color code "#0000FF" on Link Color under advanced--> link page.


  3. hello i want to make my links blue or red in blogger, but i choose a free theme, in which there is no option to do this

    so i can not use always font face so please send me some idea or if there is some css codes to change it

    this is my website

    thank you

  4. @Priyajit

    In that case you need to add custom css on your blogger source code. You have to go to theme and click edit HTML. Here on header you should type the color code for link under style. Since you are dealing programing on your blog, I am sure you can do it without much issues.

  5. Thanks bro for your help, i will try it :)

  6. Please tell me the solution for custom templete user. In the custom templete, Saying not applicable.

  7. A nice explainer or links colors. Thank you

  8. wow this is helpful in changing the color of links in my blog. thanks for sharing

  9. To change all urls in your blog use this code by adding css tool
    .post-body a{

    color: red !important;


    .post-body a:hover{

    color: default !important;


    .post-body a:visited{

    color: default !important;


    For more information come here


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