View and Delete Saved Username and Passwords On Google Chrome Browser

Do you know that browsers like Google Chrome are a storage location with a lot of information about login details of email and banking accounts?

Chrome browser installed on devices like Laptops, Android Phones, and iPhones save the username and passwords of every secure account like email account (Gmail, AOL mail, outlook), banking account, etc.

If you do not know how Google Chrome saves the username and password of your login, you may need to learn about the autofill feature.

Every modern web browsers have the autofill feature.

The autofill feature is supposed to help people by automatically filling the username and password with their previously entered data.

However, the autofill feature can become a security liability if someone hacks into your device.

A hacker can easily view the username and password of your accounts stored on the Google Chrome browser.

The only protection against it is your device password.

How Does Chrome Browser Save Login Credentials?

Okay, let me explain how Google Chrome installed on your machine gets your email and bank account username and password.

Consider a scenario where you are attempting to access your email account on Chrome.

By default, Google Chrome will ask, Do you want Chrome to save your password immediately after you enter the username and password to log in.

The natural tendency of a naive user is to click yes. The risk level is minimum if it is a personal gadget like his Android phone or laptop.

But what do you think if it is a shared computer? Anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily steal his email username and password from the browser.

All that requires is to know the administrative password of that device.

This tutorial explains how to view or delete the autosaved passwords on the Google Chrome browser. We also teach the best precaution to save your account login credentials from others.

How to View Saved Username & Password From Google Chrome Browser?

  1. Click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome button. It is the three vertical dots on the right top of the window.

  2. Click the Settings in the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Autofill

  4. Click the Passwords

  5. You can see the saved accounts with username and password. It includes your secure banking login information, email account login data, and video streaming accounts information (of sites like Netflix, and Amazon prime if you access them via Google Chrome).

    In this screenshot, you can see the saved username and password of my Outlook email account. Right now, the password is not readable. To view the saved password in the plain text format, click the eye icon.

  6. Chrome will ask you to enter the device's administrative password.

    Type the administrative password and click OK.

Now you can see the saved passwords of your bank account login, email accounts, and Netflix account in the Chrome browser. Anyone with access to the device can steal the saved information with the knowledge of the device's password.

You must immediately delete all your saved usernames and passwords from a shared computer.

Let us check how to delete saved passwords on the Google Chrome browser. Chrome allows users to delete either a single password or all saved passwords.

You must ensure that the login details of sensitive accounts are not available for the autofill feature.

Verify you have not accidentally saved the Banking website's login details on Chrome Browser.

Auto-saving of Login Details

When you enter login details, you may see a message from the browser. The message looks like below.
Hack Google Chrome Browser master password

If anyone clicks on the button "Save password", his username and password will be stored. So to avoid the accidental saving of our important user details by Google Chrome we need to click on the button " Never for this site". It is possible others might accidentally allow Chrome to save their private details. The below section will guide you to view them.

View Saved Username and Password From Google Chrome Browser
  1. Start Chrome browser

  2. Click on "Customize and Control" button
    Google Chrome password hack guide

  3. Click on Settings
    steps to view saved logon id of others

  4. Click on Show Advanced Settings link on the bottom of the settings page
    Crack others passwords

  5. Click on Manage Saved Passwords link

  6. Select the saved password and click on Show button
    read stored

  7. To hide the saved password on Chrome, click the hide button

Steps to See Saved username and password from Chrome Older Versions

To view the saved username and passwords from older versions of Chrome, follow the steps below.
  1. Open Google Chrome

  2. Click on the settings button. It is on the right-hand top of the window and looks like below.
    Tweak stored username

  3. Now you will get a drop-down menu. From the menu click on Options. Now you will get a window like this.

  4. To view the saved passwords and usernames in Google Chrome, click on the button Show saved passwords.

Delete Saved Passwords and Username From Chrome Browser

Autofill feature of web browsers is useful for a common Internet user to avoid repeating same manual data filling multiple times. However, it can create some security issues too. For example, Google Chrome asks the permission to save typed username and password while logging in to a website. If it is a personal computer you can let it save the password but if it is a shared computer you cannot let it happen. It is because anyone can steal the saved passwords. So you do not want to take a chance. What if you already let Chrome to save your password (for example email username and password ) and want to delete it before someone else access it? You can delete them before someone else views it. For that, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.
  1. Open Browser

  2. Access the Saved passwords:

    To access the saved passwords on Chrome follow the steps mentioned above depends on the version.

  3. Press the delete button (X) on the top of the specific password you need to delete
    How to remove

  4. After removing the password and username you should verify the deletion and click on done.
    deletion steps

In this tutorial, you have learned the steps to view saved usernames and passwords from Google Chrome browser. If you are looking for steps to retrieve passwords from Firefox, click on the link below
Steps to View Saved Username and Password From Mozilla Firefox

Chrome is a very useful browser and you can perform various tasks other than browsing on it. If you want to take a high-quality full page screenshot, Chrome can help you with this. To learn it, follow the link below.
How to Take Full Page Screenshot Using Browser

According to Google, Chrome is the fastest browser available now. If you want to install it on your computer, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to complete the installation process. However, there are alternate installers available for who doesn't like Internet access while installation. To learn more about it click on the link below.
How to Download Alternate Offline Installer

You can use the above steps for the password recovery on Chrome browser if the username you are looking for is already saved. Similarly, we can perform password recovery steps in Opera browser also. To learn how to perform password recovery on Opera browser follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Perform Login Information Recovery on Opera Browser

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