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Purchased Samsung N128 Mini Laptop

I purchased a Netbook from Samsung(Samsung N128) two weeks ago and I think it is the time to write a review of it. It is travel-friendly because of small size and nowadays I need to travel a lot. While on a journey, it is difficult to carry my laptop because of its size and that is why I planned to go for a mini laptop. After checking different brands, finally, I decided to buy Samsung N 128. In this article, I would like to share my review of Samsung N 128 netbook. The below picture shows how it looks like.

Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop Configuration
ProcessorIntel ATOM 1.6 GHz Processor ( ID: N270)RAM1 GB DDR-2 RamHard disk160 GB HDDMonitor10.1" Wide LED Screen (Extra bright)
Other Features
Father Ethernet port



Available Ports and connectors on Samsung N 128 Mini Laptop are:
3 USB 2.0 ports,

VGA out,

DC power-in,

RJ-45/Ethernet (10/100),

Stereo headphone/line out,

Stereo microphone in,

VGA webcam,

Kensington lock port.
Total weight of this netbook is around 1.25 kg and it has a…

Open System Volume Information Folder On Windows Computer

Have you ever thought about the location where System Restore points are stored on a computer? System Volume Information Folder stores system restore points on your computer and helps you to recover the previous setting on your computer in difficult times. One important fact about it is its high security and even the user with Administrator privilege cannot take the ownership of the folder directly and open it. Do you want to open it and check how it looks like? Though we cannot do it in straight methods, there is always some backdoor method to perform it. This tutorial explains the steps to open System Volume Information folder by taking ownership of it.

Open System Volume Information Folder
This procedure is to open the System Volume Information folder on the Windows XP computer. To open System Volume Information folder on Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers, read my other tutorials. You can find those tutorials using the Search feature on CoreNetworkZ.
Open My Computer and Click on To…

Google Public DNS Server Address and Configuration Tips

If you are unhappy with the response time of your ISP's default DNS server, there is a piece of good news for you. Google announces Google Public DNS service which is free for everyone. Right now, most of the Internet users who are unsatisfied with the Domain Name System service provided by their ISP use either global or open DNS server on their computers and other devices. Now we have one more option, Google Public Domain Name System. They use easy to remember the address for their server compared to most other free services. This tutorial gives a brief explanation of this new service and tips to configure it on your computer.

Google Public DNS Server Addresses
For IPv4 connections, you can use the addresses below.

Preferred Google DNS Server -

Alternate Google DNS Server -
For your IPv6 connections, use the following addresses.


Important Tips Configuration

If you do not know how to set Domain Name System server on your Windows …

How to Delete / Remove Saved Passwords From Internet Explorer

Have you ever faced the situation where your email username and password auto saved on Internet Explorer browser in a public cafe? One of my friends had such a situation and he didn't know how to remove the saved username and password from Internet Explorer. Comparing to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome, deleting stored username and password from IE is little tricky. With IE7 and above versions, it is simple but for IE6 it is not very simple. This guide explains how to delete auto stored username and password of your Internet accounts on IE 6 and higher versions.

Remove Saved Password From Internet Explorer 6
Open Internet Explorer version 6

Click on Tools

Click on Internet Options

Click on the Content tab

Click on the AutoComplete button

Now click on Clear Forms and Clear Passwords buttons
The saved passwords and Forms will be removed now.

How to delete passwords and Forms from Internet Explorer 7
The steps to delete saved passwords and Forms from IE version 7 are:
Start Internet …

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