Intel Core i7-970 processor -Six Core Desktop Chip with 3.2GHz processor speed

Intel introduces another 6 core desktop processor with 3.2GHz speed. This chip is termed as Core i7-970. Core i7-970 is mainly targeted at hardcore gamers who always need more computing power and speed. It is the second version of a six-core processor from Intel. First one was Core i7-980X Extreme Edition introduced in March. Price of Core i7-970 is a little bit high. It is US$885 for a single unit.

Intel Core i7-970 processor -Six-Core Desktop Chip with 3.2GHz

Specifications of Intel Core i7-970 processor

* Speed of Intel Core i7-970 processor is 3.2 GHz

* Level 3 cache: 12MB

* Current price: US$885

* Includes an Intel DBX-B air cooler for socket LGA1366

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