Samsung Galaxy 3 Specifications , Reviews and Price

Samsung Galaxy 3 is a popular Android smartphone from Samsung with more battery life compared to Samsung Galaxy 5. This smartphone is with Practically unlimited call record memory and 256MB RAM. Samsung Galaxy 3 has 3.1 MP Camera with autofocusing, Geotag, face and smile detection features. It is using Android V2.1 and can be upgraded to Android V2.2 Its processor speed is 667 MHz. Samsung Galaxy 3 support following wireless technologies.

3. 3G
4. 802.11b/ 802.11g/ 802.11n (Wireless LAN )
5. Bluetooth

Reviews of Samsung Galxy 3 with its price and features

Battery backup for Samsung Galaxy 3

The company officially declare the following details about the battery backup time. In the standby state, Samsung Galaxy 3 will work up to 620 hours in 2G network. If you are in the 3G network it will reduce to 510 hours. Talk time battery backup for Samsung Galaxy 3 is up to 15 hours 30 min in 2G network. In a 3G network, it reduces to 7 hours and 15 minutes. Though it is the official stand of Samsung, many users are complaining about the battery backup time of Samsung Galaxy 3. One reason pointing out for the apparently low battery backup is the running of unwanted applications in Samsung Galaxy 3. If we close theses unwanted applications, we can extend battery backup time.

Samsung Galaxy 3 - Camera features

Samsung Galaxy 3 has 3.15 MP camera. It is having auto-focusing feature. It also has the face and smiles detection feature plus Geo-tagging.

Other Tips

In some forums, I saw some tips to improve the efficiency of Samsung Galaxy 3.

1. Use of Opera mini for faster browsing

2. Close all unwanted applications to improve efficiency and battery backup

3. Upgrade to Android v2.2

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