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Find and Change Location of Temporary Internet Files Folder On Your Computer

Temporary Internet files Folder stores copies of files a user browsed on Internet. By storing the browsing details in here, browsers do not need to download the same files again when the user is searching for the same information. Many people are confused with the location of this folder on a computer. Its location depends on different versions of Windows. For example by default in Windows 7, it is situated in the following location.

C:\Users\"User name"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\

We can change its default place by specifying a preferred place. In this tutorial we learn how to view and change the location of Temporary Internet files Folder.

View or Change the Location of Temporary Internet Folder

Click on Windows Start

Go to Control Panel

Double Click on Internet Options

Click on Settings below browsing history

Find Location of Temporary Internet Folder

Now under current location you can find its location.

Change Current Location

To change the curre…

How to Configure Linksys Range Expander (WRE54G and RE1000)

When we want to extend a wireless network beyond the range of current wireless network, we should use another device called Wireless Range Expander. To increase the range and accessibility of a WiFi network from an access point or wireless router we need to add Range Expander (WiFi Repeater) in our network. Range Expander is a device which extends the WiFi network range as its name mentions. Wireless Repeater/Expander is working by receiving signals from Access Point (Wireless Router) and repeat the same signal. Linksys is one of the reputed Range Extender manufacturer. Two well known models WRE54G and RE1000 are from Linksys family. This tutorial is an update of one of my old guide to install and configure Linksys WRE54G on a network. Now in this new update, we have included steps to setup Linksys Wireless N Range Extender/Bridge RE1000.

Setup Linksys Wireless N Range Extender RE1000 Manually Manual configuration of Linksys Wireless N Range Expander RE1000 is:
Assign a Static IP Addr…

Remove Date Number (Year & Month Figure) From Blogger Post URL

Most of the bloggers do not care the date information on the blogspot post URL because they treat blog as a web diary. They write about things or facts which are valid only at the time of writing. For example political blogs, news blogs etc are valid only at a specific point of time and the time figure on the published URL makes sense. However, if you are a professional blogger who writes facts or tutorials which are valid for all the time, date figures on the post links make no sense. If you are using WordPress, you can choose the custom URL structure to avoid Year/Month from link but in Blogspot you do not have such freedom. Though blogger does not provide a way to remove the date from the blog post URL, you can choose an indirect method to avoid them from your popular articles without affecting the current traffic and backlink value. In this method you must to create a new page (not post) where there is no digit on the URL and paste the content of your old popular post. Then using…