Find and Change Location of Temporary Internet Files Folder On Your Computer

Temporary Internet files Folder has user-generated files due to his web browsing. By storing the browsing details in here, browsers do not need to download the same files again when the user is searching for the same information. Though these files are readily available to browsers, many are confused with the location of this folder on a computer. Temporary Internet files Folder locates in different locations on different Operating Systems.

Even on Windows, the location varies on different Windows Operating System versions. For example, by default on Windows 7, Temporary Internet files Folder is situated in the following location.

C:\Users\"User name"\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\

IF you are interested in customization, you can change its default place by specifying a preferred place other than its default location. In this tutorial, we learn how to view and change the location of the Temporary Internet Files Folder.

View or Change the Location of Temporary Internet Folder

  1. Click on Windows Start

  2. Go to Control Panel

  3. Double Click on Internet Options
    How to move the location of temporary internet files folder

  4. Click on Settings below browsing history

  5. Find Location of Temporary Internet Folder

    Now under the current location, you can find this route.

  6. Change Current Location

    To change the current place of Temporary Internet files Folder click on Move Folder and select the new place.

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