How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router By Manual Steps

I started my computer networking career by supporting SOHO products mainly Linksys wireless products. I was assigned to a networking division which handled mainly Linksys wireless router. There I assisted clients to implement Linksys wireless routers in their already existing networks or to start a new network with them. I wrote many articles to set up various models of Linksys wireless routers and I think it will be useful if I join all of the guides in a single post. Later in my career, Cisco bought Linksys and it becomes Linksys Cisco. With the guidance of Cisco, they introduced many high-quality products in market. Most of the Linksys wireless router's have similar kind of configuration steps but some models have a different procedure. Here in this tutorial, we can see a common setup guide for most of the models.

Manual Steps to Setup Linksys Wireless Router
  1. Check Internet Connection:

    Make sure your computer is online with ISP Modem. Connect your PC directly to the modem and check if you can go online. If you cannot go online with the modem, call your ISP.

  2. Check the Modem IP address and type of Internet Connection:

    We should check whether you are using DSL connection or Cable Internet connection. Configuration steps of Linksys router for DSL and Cable Internet are different. If you are not a techie to check the Internet connection type, I recommend you to contact your ISP customer support and verify your Internet connection type. Now you should check the IP address of the modem. To do this please follow steps in one of my previous article.
    How to Find IP Address of The Modem

    You should note the Modem IP address because we need this information while configuring Linksys router.

  3. Connect your computer to Linksys Wireless Router:

    1. Disconnect Modem from your computer
    2. Connect computer LAN port to LAN port 1 of Router using Ethernet cable
    3. Turn on your Linksys Wireless Router

Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Router without Setup Disc

Here we are not using setup CD or Cisco Connect software to configure Linksys Router.
  1. Login:

    To log in, follow the steps below.

    • Type on the address bar of the browser

    • Enter user name and password:

      Usually, there is no user name for the Linksys router and the password is the admin.

      So it would be like:

      Username: {Leave it blanks}
      Password: admin

      Then press the Enter key to log in.

  2. Change the Linksys Router IP address according to modem IP address:

    If the modem IP address is, we should change Linksys router IP address to If the modem IP address is something else, you should not change the IP address of Links Router.

    Make sure DHCP is enabled. After this, you should click on the Save Settings button.

  3. How to Setup Links Linksys Router for Cable Internet connection

    To know more about how to configure it for cable Internet connection click on the link below.
    Configure Router in PPPOE mode

  4. How to setup Linksys Router for DSL Connection

    If you have DSL Internet connection click on the link below for more steps.
    Configure Wireless Router with DSL

Model Specific Linksys Router Setup Guides
  1. How to Configure E4200 
  2. How to configure E3000
  3. How to Configure E1000
  4. How to Setup WRT160N
  5. Configure  WRT54G 

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