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Advantages of Having Deep Links

I have been blogging for more than eight years and one of the frequently asked questions I noticed during all these years in webmaster forums is the difference between getting backlinks to home page and internal pages. I feel, still there are so many webmasters who are not aware of the benefits to secure backlinks to internal webpages. For a product or service website with one page, it is enough to build backlinks to just the home page but it is not enough for a big dynamic website. To get more targeted visitors to a big website, it is important to develop backlinks to the inner webpages. Deep links refer the links pointing to the inner pages other than the home page. If a webmaster is developing backlinks to just the home page and not to its inner pages, entire baclink structure looks suspicious and Google may detect it soon. It is because if all the backlinks are achieved by natural methods, they should be pointing to relevant inner page. Many potential inner pages are not appearing in Google Search results due to the lack of backlinks to them. Since Google treats each web pages separately, we should promote each one separately. However, if you build low quality backlinks to certain webpages and got Penguin slash, your entire domain will be blacklisted.

Advantages of Getting Deep Links
  1. Looks more natural in Google's eye: It is true that most of the natural backlinks developed over time are pointing to the inner pages rather than the index page (home page).

  2. Deep links helps inner pages rank high in Google Search results

  3. They help inner pages to get higher PR

  4. Improve overall traffic:

    Since deep links improve the ranking of inner webpages, it will improve the organic traffic.

  5. More targeted visitors: Since they improve the search engine ranking of inner webpages, more visitors from Search Engines for the targeted goal reach your domain.

  6. Improve the crawling rate of your website:

    When spiders follow new deep links, it increase the chance of total crawl rate. To increase the crawl rate in Webmaster Tools account, click on the link below.
    How to Increase Crawl Rate From Webmaster Tools Account

  7. Deep links improve the relevancy:

    Getting deep links from relevant pages will improve the overall relevancy of your website.

In case if you have a blog, it is better keep the post URLs professional because it will help gaining more deep links to them. To learn more about keeping blog URLs standard, click on the link below.
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One important way to get deep links to your webpage is to keep social share button on every pages. If it is not showing on your blog, follow the link below.
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