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PathPing - An Effective Route Tracing Tool

One of the important network utilities every beginners in network engineering should learn is PathPing. Pathping has the combined features of both ping command and tracert command. PathPing traces the entire route from the source to destination and ping each hops in the route as the name suggests. So we can say PathPing has the combined effect of ping and tracert.

Importance of PathPing Tool
By a single command pathping trace the entire route from source node to the destination with details of each hops in the route as each hop is pinged. So the advantage is the ease of finding the exact hop which causes packet routing issues.

Practical use of PathPing Command

Here let us check the practical usage of pathping command by performing pathping this website.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  0  sg []
  6     *        *        *
Computing statistics for 125 seconds...
            Source to Here   This Node/Link
Hop  RTT    Lost/Sent = Pct  Lost/Sent = Pct  Address
  0                                           sg []
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  1    0ms     0/ 100 =  0%     0/ 100 =  0%
                                4/ 100 =  4%   |
  2  ---     100/ 100 =100%    96/ 100 = 96%
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  3  643ms     6/ 100 =  6%     2/ 100 =  2%
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  4  668ms     5/ 100 =  5%     1/ 100 =  1%
                                0/ 100 =  0%   |
  5  704ms     4/ 100 =  4%     0/ 100 =  0%

Trace complete.


Here you have learned the proper usage of pathping command line utility and how to find the issues in packet routing by using pathping command. Since each hops in the entire packet route is checked separately, it will be easy to find the exact location of routing problem. Just like this, if you have received any destination host unreachable error messages while performing pathping, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
Reasons and Fix for Destination Host Unreachable Error Message

Another most common error message you may receive while performing ping operation is general failure. So after learning the usage of pathping command, it is better you should spend time to analyze and resolve the most common ping error messages. To learn more about it click on the link below.
PING: Transmit failed. General Failure - Reasons and Solution

Sometimes route tracing tools like pathping bring error codes if there is any routing issues. It is easy to fix those issues with specific error code attached to it. To learn more about network error codes with steps to resolve them, follow the link below.
How to Fix Ping Transmission Failed Error Code 31

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Martin said…
It is nice to learn a ICMP command which has the power of both Ping and Tracert.