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Remove Date Number (Year & Month Figure) From Blogger Post URL

Most of the bloggers do not care the date information on the Blogspot post URL because they treat the blog as a web diary. They write about things or facts which are valid only at the time of writing. For example, political blogs, news blogs, etc.. are valid only at a specific point in time and the time figure on the published URL makes sense. However, if you are a professional blogger who writes facts or tutorials which are valid for all the time, date figures on the post links make no sense.

If you are using WordPress, you can choose the custom URL structure to avoid Year/Month from the link, but in Blogspot, you do not have such freedom.

Though Blogger does not provide a way to remove the date from the blog post URL, you can choose an indirect method to avoid them from your popular articles without affecting the current traffic and backlink value.

 In this method, you must create a new page (not post) where there is no digit on the URL and paste the content of your old popular post. Then using custom redirect feature of Blogspot, you can redirect the old post URL to the new URL which does not have date figure.

If you are looking for a straight method to get rid of digits from blogger published links, currently it doesn't have such a feature.

How to Get Rid of Date from Blogspot Post Links
To get rid of the date figure from Old Popular blogger post URL, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger Account

  2. Click Dashboard

  3. Click on Pages and create a new page by Selecting a blank page
    remove digits from the blog article link

  4. Copy the entire content on the old popular page (the post which you do not want to show the data figure on URL) including all the meta tags and paste them on the newly created blogger page and publish it. You should copy the entire post content including tags (title, meta tags, etc..) to the new page.

  5. Perform a custom redirect from the old article URL to the newly created page. To do this follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    Redirect Traffic and Links Pointing Old Blogger Article URL to New URL

By following the steps described above, we can successfully hide the date figure(The Year and Month ) from the Blogspot post links. In the same way, if you want to display blogger posts in reverse order follow the steps mentioned in the link below.
Showing Last Articles First in a Blogspot Site

  1. Change The Location of Temporary Internet Files Folder
  2. Stop Redirecting Visitors From ?m=1 Blogspot Pages

Now you can remove the date information from your popular blog posts. To make your blog more unique, you should add a customized Favicon for your blog. To do this click on the link below. How To Replace Default Blogspot Favicon With Your


Camille said…
Interesting! It's been a long time since I used blogger platform eversince I transferred to WP. This article reminds me of my newbie days when I don't know how to manipulate blogger.
iMade said…
Hi, I have a question, How to remove yyyy/mm on url in our blog?

thanks for your post.
Alex said…
Blogger does not provide a straight way to remove the year and month from the blog post URL. All we can do to remove year and month figure is the method mentioned in this article.
Soni said…
Thanks for the tip but it is difficult to implement on a big blog.
Anonymous said…
I want to get rid of year and month date from blogger links
Simbu said…
Thanks for showing such a way though not so straight. I hate seeing date on blogspot url.

great bro
JAISON said…
is there any better idea than this
coz this method would increase posts unwantedly
Alex George said…
@ Jaison

Blogger team has not updated any other method so far.
bhaskar said…
Have you get any new way to remove year and date from blog. Because in this way i have to make many pages. And i dont think thats work. If you got another way plese comment bellow. Or plz can you check my blog and tell me my mistakes
Alex George said…
@ Bhaskar singh

Blogger has not provided any other methods so far. So far we cannot remove the month and year from the blogger post URLs.
Admin said…
this is the best knowlledge post but in 2018 the blogger date url removing is very easy so lets open this post
Admin said… in this post you remove the date from the blogger url
Alex George said…
@ the user with name "Admin"

I have read your post but I can see the year and month (/2018/09/) on your blog post link.
Anupama Thomas said…
Thank you for this tip.
here is step by step explane at blow url
MaLyk Waseem said…
Thanks Bro
It's working

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