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Show AdSense Ads Inside Blogger Post Content

One of the important location to improve revenue from Google AdSense on a blogger blog is to show ads unit inside the blog post. It means Google Ad is surrounded by Blogger post content. If you can show ads inside the content, it can improve the CPC and CTR and improves overall Advertisement revenue from your blog. If you are not familiar with these two terms, you can refer the links given at the end of this tutorial. Let us check how the location of an ad unit helps to improve the revenue from a website. When the text is around the ads, it helps Google to show the right ads and helps to ensure the relevancy of the ads shown on your blog. This tutorial explains the steps to add and display Google AdSense on blog posts surrounded by post text.

Steps to Display AdSense Ad Inside Blogger Post Text To show Google AdSense ad inside the text on your Blogspot blog, you must edit the template HTML and paste the parsed version of the code wrapped inside a special div. It is not very hard if yo…

Hidden Script On Older Blog Posts "input id="jsProxy" onclick=jsCall("

Occasionally I spend the time to review older articles on to ensure the quality and reliability. As a technology blog, it is important to ensure the reliability of the older articles and always update them if the articles have outdated information. This time while updating one older tutorial on my blog, I found a hidden script at the end of the post. Since I made the article very long before, I couldn't remember much about it but I am sure I didn't put the code. I made a research about it and find the following information. I think it is better to share the details with my readers and it may help you in case you too face the issue. The hidden script found on my older blog post is:

<input id="gwProxy" type="hidden" /><!--Session data--><input id="jsProxy" onclick="jsCall();" type="hidden" />
Reasons to Have This Script Many users complained to have this code on their websites in different platf…

New: 1&1 Is Now Offering a Do-It-Yourself-Blog

While almost every business owner understands that they need a good website to reach more clients, it is also important to note that most people do not have the slightest idea of what it takes to build a website let alone have it optimized to get the right target market. This situation is however about to change for anyone who bothers to exploit the all-new do-it-yourself-blog offer from 1&1. For a long time, web design was only a preserve of the most talented web designers. This, however, is no longer the case because anyone can now develop their own websites by buying well-designed templates that are not only easy to install but also simple to use. It is emerging that even with basic computer skills; one can easily manage a blog and improve the success of a business.

What Features Are Included In The Do-It-Yourself-Blog? In order to find a website online, it must have a domain name. it is therefore needless to even point out that the package includes a domain name, a hosting pl…

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