New: 1&1 Is Now Offering a Do-It-Yourself-Blog

While almost every business owner understands that they need a good website to reach more clients, it is also important to note that most people do not have the slightest idea of what it takes to build a website let alone have it optimized to get the right target market. This situation is however about to change for anyone who bothers to exploit the all-new do-it-yourself-blog offer from 1&1. For a long time, web design was only a preserve of the most talented web designers. This, however, is no longer the case because anyone can now develop their own websites by buying well-designed templates that are not only easy to install but also simple to use. It is emerging that even with basic computer skills; one can easily manage a blog and improve the success of a business.
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What Features Are Included In The Do-It-Yourself-Blog?

In order to find a website online, it must have a domain name. it is therefore needless to even point out that the package includes a domain name, a hosting plan, a simple website editor and about 10GB of storage space. These are basic features that will help you get your website up and running with a few clicks on the mouse.

The templates are easy to use with most of them having simple drag-and-drop features that anyone can use. Social media has become essential as a marketing tool especially with the growth of the online market. For this reason, 1&1 have also included social media centers to help synchronize websites with facebook, twitter and a host of other social media platforms to make it easy for website owners to exploit their following on social media.

There are many document formats used online. This means that many visitors to a website should find relevant document viewers to make their browsing experience more exciting. Whether it is to view or upload PDF files, or any other forms of documents, one should not worry about having to look for extra support from other sources.

Why This Is A Good Option

For anyone with an online business, the agony of having to look for external support staff to resolve website problems is often too demoralizing. The first benefit of using this option to run an online business is that one gets the chance to manage their own website without having to rely on outsourced skills whenever there is a technical issue with a website. By using this package, one gets the chance to work with an established service provider that already has the necessary infrastructure and experience to keep your online business running smoothly. It will help cut your running costs while enhancing business growth.