How to Setup Etisalat Broadband WiFi Modem and Activate the Internet By Self

Etisalat is a UAE based Internet and Telecommunication Service Provider with the presence in 16 countries. They provide both mobile and broadband Internet connection. Al Shamil and eLife are the popular broadband services provided by them. They also have Wi-Fi hotspots for their customers. This tutorial explains how to configure the Etisalat broadband modem and router with custom specifications. We also explain how to reset the Etisalat WiFi password, enable wireless security, increase the average upload and download speed, unblock banned website, etc..

How to Setup Etisalat Broadband Modem and Router

They may supply different modem and router models but the steps to configure broadband Internet connection are same.

Let us check how do you connect to the Etisalat router and activate the Internet.
  1. Connect Modem with Computer

    You must connect the Ethernet port of your computer to the LAN port of Etisalat Broadband Modem with an Ethernet cable. Power on modem and computer.

  2. Log into the Etisalat Internet Setup Page

    Default log in IP address of most of the Etisalat modem and router models is You must type this IP address on the address bar of the browser and press enter button.

  3. Enter the Etisalat Username and Password

    To log in to Etisalat router setup page, you may be prompted to enter the username and password.

    In most cases, you may leave both fields blank and click enter key.

    If it does not work, Use the second common Etisalat router login username and password

    • Etisalat router login username: admin

    • Etisalat router default login password: admin

    If you set up a custom username and password, you must use that details instead of default username and password.

    If you have forgotten the Etisalat modem password, visit the link below to recover it.
    Forgot Router Password

  4. You will be on the Setup page. Click on Advanced tab from the left-hand side menu

  5. Make sure no old connections are in WAN page. Delete if there any older connection by using the delete button

  6. Click on the new connection

  7. You should type the Etisalat broadband username and password on the respective fields.

    Connection type must be PPPoE (if your ISP does not provide any other details).

    If you want to activate firewall protection on Etisalat broadband modem, you should check the checkbox at the Firewall.

    You should enable the NAT feature too. The default authentication type must be auto, and you should check the checkbox at Default Gateway.

  8. Click on Apply and save the current settings. Once you have saved the configuration, click on connect button.

    If you are unable to go online, I recommend you to power cycle Etisalat DSL Modem.

    You may switch off the device for one minute and turn on it.
    How to Power Cycle Etisalat DSL Modem

  9. How to Connect Etisalat Router to Another Router?
    It is simple to connect another router to your Etisalat Router.

    We need to use the router cascading technique for that. Follow the link below for more information.
    How to Do Router Cascading?

Setup Etisalat WiFi

You can set up WiFi and wireless security on Etisalat router by following the instructions below.
  1. Log in to the setup page

  2. Etisalat Basic WiFi Settings
    Click on the Wireless tab and enter the following details.
    SSIDYou can change the Etisalat wireless network name here
    Wireless ChannelKeep the same channel unless your ISP instructed to change
    SSID broadcastIf you turn off, no one will see your wireless network

  3. Activate Etisalat Wireless Security
    To enable WiFi encryption on Etisalat router, click on the Security tab.

    By clicking on Enable Wireless Security, you can turn on WiFi protection.

    You should type the wireless password on the Encryption key field.

    Once the WiFi security is activated, click on the Apply button.

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Important Troubleshooting Steps

  1. How to Check Whether Etisalat DSL Modem is Configured Correct?
    To confirms if your modem is connected to the Internet, log on to the modem and click on the Status bar.

    Check the status of the connection. If you configured the device properly, the status would be connected.

  2. How to Reset Etisalat Wireless Key
    You can reset and reconfigure Etisalat wireless name and password on the wireless page.

    You can log in to the Etisalat WiFi using the new wireless password.

  3. How to Reset Etisalat Wireless Router
    To reset Etisalat router to factory default settings, visit the link below.
    Hard Reset a Device

    You should have the Etisalat configuration settings before resetting the router.

  4. Download and Update Etisalat Modem Firmware
    If you want to download the latest firmware version, either contact your ISP or router manufacturer.

    You can download d-link dir-803 Etisalat modem firmware from the D-link official website.

    For Etisalat Huawei modem you need to visit the official Huawei website with the modem model number.

    The following website has Etisalat firmware download links.