Blogger Social Sharing Button is not Showing

Right now professional bloggers cannot avoid the impact of Social network and media sites to bring traffic to their blogs and websites. So adding a social sharing button on a website is necessary nowadays. We can see many third-party tools which offer the facility but now Blogger is also offering an official social sharing button for blogs in blogger platform. It helps to share the blog posts in social networks like Twitter, Google plus etc. Sharing blog posts in Google is very easy now by using this new inbuilt feature. This tutorial explains this new Google feature and how to utilize it to bring more traffic. How can we integrate this social share button on blogger blogs? It is as simple as to check the show Share button on page elements in the layout.

How to Show Share Buttons in Blogger Blog
If you like to activate this inbuilt future, follow the steps below.
  1. Login to Blogger

  2. Click on Layout
    How to add Google plus

  3. Click on Edit link in "Blog Posts"

  4. Check "Show Share Buttons" and click on save
You can specify the location of the Share button in a blog post by arranging the gadget position by drag and drop method.

What Can I do If It is Not Working
For some templates by just checking the "Show Share Buttons" is not enough to display the Blogger official share button. If you are using older templates, you cannot activate this feature by simply following the steps mentioned above. In that case, you need additional tweaks to bring this feature on every post automatically. In the last blog post, we discussed how to enable Blogger official Social Share button on Blogspot blogs. However, at least in some blogs, this trick is not working. Even though we enable the feature, Show Social Share in layout, it is not displaying under blog posts. So let us check what we can do if this feature is not showing up on a blog. The best option is to add the share button (including Google plus) code manually in a Blogspot template just below the posts. Before jumping to this, it is better you read the previous article about steps to enable the share button. Link to that post is provided at the end of this tutorial.

Manually Add Social Share Button On Blogger Blog
  1. Login to Blogger account

  2. Click on Template link

  3. Click on Edit HTML
    Official Blog Share button is not showing

  4. Click on Edit template

    Now Search for the following code

    <div class='post-body entry-content'>

    Note: You should press [CTRL] [F] buttons together to open Search

    Below it, paste the following code
    <div class='post-share-buttons'>
      <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

  5. Click on Save Template

Add Social Share Button in Old Blogger Template

  1. Logon to Blogger account
  2. Click on Template link
  3. Click on Edit HTML
  4. Click on Proceed
  5. Check Expand Widget Template

    Manually adding blog share button

    now find any one of the following codes using browser Search Feature([CTRL] and[F] )

    • <p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
    • <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'>
    • <data:post.body/>
  6. Now paste the following code just below it.

    <div class='post-share-buttons'>
      <b:include data='post' name='shareButtons'/>

    Now Save the template

Now onwards Social Share button will be displayed under every blog posts. Just like adding this feature, it is important to own a custom domain name for your blogger site. To do this click on the link below.
How to Setup Custom Domain name for My Blogspot Site

After adding a custom domain name for my blogger site, I faced one issue. Links without WWW prefix of my blog were not redirecting to WWW version. I fixed this by following the steps listed in the link below.
How to Redirect  URL without WWW to WWW Version of Address

Adding Social Share button under blog posts will increase the chances of post sharing by your blog readers. It automatically improves the traffic to the blog. So the next step we need to do is placing Google Adsense code at the right places on your blog template. To do this follow the link below.
How to Insert Google Adsense Code in Between Post Title and Content

Sharing published posts in social network sites with author account gives more credibility to your blog. Having a unique favicon instead of default blogger favicon will provide additional credibility. To do this click on the link below.
How to Show Custom Favicon for Blogspot Blogs

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  1. Thank you for an easy fix! Was going crazy trying to figure it out.

  2. I am glad to hear this post helped you.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    That was useful. Thanks

  4. I tried it but it's still not working I'm afraid. I couldn't find 'Expand Widget Template' so maybe it was to do with that?

  5. @Lins

    It is strange you cannot find "Expand Widget Template". Are you using current Blogger template ?

    May be this link will help you.

  6. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Doesn't work anymore

  7. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Blogger has changed "Expand Widgets" is no longer an option.

  8. The expand Widget option is no longer available.

    Now after you click the "Edit HTML" it will redirect you to a page with "Back" "save template" "jump to widget" and other buttons.

    I noticed that the jump to widget has drop down menu. Anybody can help us out on this? Thanks a lot!

  9. It seems they have changed the format already because after I click the Edit HTML button, they will redirect you to a page with "Back" Save template" "jump to widget" and other buttons.

    The expand widget checkbox is o longer available in the page.

    Any other options aside from this? Thank you!

  10. This alternative doesn't work. Tell me where can I find the "expand widget templates" with the new blogger format?

    I'm thinking of changing my blog template as an alternative but I really like the template now :-/


  11. Admin3:29 AM

    Hi Ayessa,

    I have updated this blog post according to the new blogger template. Please try the new method listed in this article.

  12. Thanks admin for updating your post based on new format.

    I still cannot locate the post-entry in the edit html. It seems this is a problem with my template itself. Let me try a few templates and work on your advise and I will let you know (:


  13. I have applied your your method and pasted the code but it's not working. you can check it in this below post :

  14. @ Alamin

    Have you checked the checkbox at "Show Share Buttons"?

  15. Your code is not working on

  16. The overview blog is pretty good. Thank you for sharing.