How to Access Services Window in Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8

Services in Windows Operating System is a list of executable (most are necessary) required for the smooth running of your computer. If any required service is not started, you may face issues with the operation of process/ program on your computer related to it. In this article we just share the different methods to open Services Window in various Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows XP etc. Steps to access services window in Windows XP and Windows 7 are similar. We can access services window through either windows explorer or via Run command.

Step 1. Access Services Window From Run
  1. Click Windows Start
    Access services window in Windows XP

  2. Click Run and in the run window type services.msc. Now click OK.
    type services.msc on run window and press enter

    Note: In Windows 7 and 8 you may not find Run in Windows start menu. To fix this follow the instructions provided in the link below. Or you can press [Windows] and [R] buttons together to open Run.
    How to enable Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

    Now the services window is opened.
    How to Open Services Window in Windows XP, Windows8 and Windows 7

Step 2: Access Services Window Through Windows Explorer

To access services window through windows explorer in XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 follow the steps below.

  1. Click start

  2. Click Control Panel in the Windows Start menu. If your control panel in category view change it to Classic view (in Windows 7 and 8, select large icons view)
    Steps to open services window through explorer in Windows XP and Windows 7

  3. Click Administrative tools
    Click on administrative tools to open Windows Service

  4. Click on the Services icon to open Services Window.
    Services in windows XP and Windows 7, Windows 8

Open Services Window in Windows 7 & Windows 8 Via Search

Opening Services window in Windows 8 and Windows 7 is easier compared to that in Windows XP. You can open services windows directly using Windows Search in Windows 8 and Windows 7. All you have to do is type services.msc on Search.
how to open services window in Windows 8

In this article you have learned different methods to open Services window in Windows XP, Windows8 and Windows 7. Just like this following article tells how to change the booting order of your computer. To learn this click on the link below.
How to Edit boot.ini File to Change Boot order of Your Computer

Windows offers various safety measures to avoid malicious attacks on your computer. One method is to prevent unwanted programs from getting installed. This tweak is for Windows 7 computer and of course not a services tweak. To read more about this follow the link below.
Prevent installing unwanted programs in Windows 7

In case if you forget the Windows administrative password, you can reset it by following the steps mentioned in the link below.
How to Bypass Windows Administrative Password using Emergency Repair Disc

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Nice work. I want to know how to open Services in Windows 8 computer. Is there any services window in Windows 8?

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I can simply disable any service from services Window. I never knew the existence of such a thing. Thank you.

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Thanks for the steps. In fact third method is more easy to access services window in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

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We can do wonders once we have access to services window. In my office no one can access services window due to restrictions. How to unlock the restriction to enter services Window in Windows 8 computer ? Will you help ?