Firefox Added Do Not Track (DNT ) in Latest Firefox Release

There is a good news from Firefox team about adding DNT (Do Not track)feature in Firefox 4 beta 11 version. This post is a continuation from one of my previous post Firefox May prevent websites from Tracking User Activities. At that time it was not sure whether Firefox may implement DNT or not. Now in the newest Firefox release, they have added this feature. This feature will prevent websites and other third party ad servers from picking user activities if the user enabled Do Not Track (DNT) in their browser. Now let us check how DNT work.

How Do Not Track works in Firefox

The basic implementation of Do Not Track (DNT) feature in Firefox is as follows.

Step 1: User Enables DNT

Step 2: Firefox sent DNT to Websites and Ads server

Step 3: Websites responds by providing content without tracking user behavior.

Step 4: Ads server serves non-personalized ads without tracking user behavior.

Technical Difficulty with Implementing Do Not Track feature

The major difficulty in implementing DNT is whether third party websites and ads server respect this DNT signal or not. If you want to download Firefox beta version, go to the link below.

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ga said...

DNT header is by far the best proposal for opt-out of behavioral advertising.

If you want to check if a website or your browser implements DNT, enter it at

The site will scan for embedded tracking sites in the html and also test if it responds to the dnt header.