Can Ping Global DNS Server IP Address But Unable To Open URL

Last Updated:-April 07, 2009
Domain Name System (DNS) converts website address we type on the address bar of a browser into a corresponding IP address to enable Internet access. It is very important to establish a connection between your computer and a web server. It is one of the common issues to block access to the Internet on a PC. We can identify this issue by pinging website IP address. Users can successfully ping public DNS addresses like global or open DNS but they cannot open a webpage with URLs if they are facing domain to IP conversion issues. It is like you can successfully open a website by typing the IP address of that website but you cannot open the website by using the domain name. This tutorial explains how to deal with this situation where you can ping website IP address successfully but unable to open it on a browser by typing its URL.

Can Open Website by IP address But Cannot Access With Domain Name

If you want an example of this issue, see the example below.
  1. When I try to access the Internet through a browser, I failed to go online

  2. When I ping global DNS server, I get replies

Troubleshoot Wrong DNS Settings Issues
  1. Go to command prompt try the following commands


  2. If you are not getting a reply from, try to ping public servers like global DNS server or Google DNS server.


    Now we have two chances either you got valid replies or no valid replies.

  3. Solve the DNS Issue

    If you are getting valid replies when you ping global DNS server, the issue can be concluded as follows. You are able to communicate with the Internet server but cannot communicate with a website(eg: The reason is the wrong settings on your computer. To fix the issue we need to assign correct settings on your computer by following the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Assign Correct Server Address On Your Computer

Global DNS Server Addresses

The Verizon Global DNS Server Addresses are and

  • The Preferred DNS server address should be
  • The alternate DNS address is

Now try to go online by opening your web browser and type you are not getting valid replies from the public Domain Name System, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
What if I Am Not Getting Replies From Global DNS Server

This tutorial is a part of my complete Internet Access Trouble tutorial. To read the complete tutorial to troubleshoot and solve any issues to access Internet, visit the link below.
I Cannot Go Online- Troubleshoot Complete Internet Access Issues


Here I am going to explain it with an example. Here I am going to ping Google by both its domain name and IP address.

Domain Name:
IP address:

  1. Ping

    My computer doesn't resolve URL to IP address conversion properly and thus it failed to find the host You can verify it by analyzing the image given below.
    cannot open google

    If you cannot open on your browser, you will get this reply while pinging the URL from the command prompt. However, if you ping the IP address of Google, your computer will get valid replies. It clearly tells the issue is with converting the hostname to respective IP address.

  2. Assign Valid Domain Name Server Address

    After changing the Domain Name System details on PC, there won't be any issues with opening Google on the browser by typing

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