Unlock Secret Windows Administrator Account Using Windows Hack

Not so many users are aware of the default administrator account present on their computers. This default admin account is created while installing Windows on their computer. In most cases, it is not password protected especially in  Vista and XP. So it is important to assign a password to ensure the safety of your computer. This tutorial explains how to unlock the hidden default admin account available on a Windows computer. If you do not set any password for it while installing Windows 8 and 7, it will be unprotected without a password. However, this tutorial just focuses on introducing the concept of secret Windows user login on every computer and the Command Prompt trick to enable or disable it.

How to Find Secret Profiles

Before explaining how to activate secret profiles on a laptop, let us learn how to get the list of all Microsoft profiles. We can print the entire Microsoft OS profiles on DOS window using net user. To run this code, you have to start DOS window as an administrator. Type it and press enter key to get the list of all Microsoft OS profiles created on the laptop.

How to Unlock Default Administrative Account On Windows PC

To turn on the default Administrative Account in Windows 7 and Vista computers, follow the steps provided below.
  1. Start Command Prompt in Admin mode

    Right click on Command Prompt from Start menu and click on Run as Administrator. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
    Open DOS Prompt in Run as Admin Mode

  2. Type Net user administrator /active:yes on Command Prompt and press enter.
    Start hidden Microsoft profile
Now onwards you will be able to see default Windows User profile on the welcome screen.

Disable Default Windows Administrator Account

If you do not want to list the default administrative account on the welcome screen, you can disable it by a simple Command Prompt command.
  1. Start DOS Prompt in Run as Administrator mode

  2. Type Net user administrator /active: no and press enter
Disable default Windows administrator account

Here in this picture, I have disabled the default Administrator account using the command net user. If you have any doubts about the profiles created on your computer, by simply typing net user on the command prompt, you can find them. The same trick will reveal all hidden users on a laptop. On the command prompt, all user profiles will be shown after running the net user command. If there any disabled admin account, you can simply enable it by using the command Net user [user profile name] /active: and you can reclaim your access.

To enable or disable the default Windows admin profile, you must be an administrator account. If you forgot the password to log in, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
How to Bypass  Admin Password Using ER Disc

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