Can't Access Certain Websites Through Linksys WRT54G Router

Last week, I had added one more router to expand my office network but faced an unexpected issue. I purchased and configured Linksys WRT54G wireless router to add more computers to my LAN but after configuring it, devices connected to the Linksys router were facing troubles with accessing certain websites. Those computers connected directly to the modem are facing no problems with accessing those websites but only those behind WRT54G are having this trouble. It took me one day to find the reason and fix that. This guide explains this issue in details with step by step instructions if Linksys Device blocks some websites.

Linksys WRT54G Router Blocks Some Websites

Due to the following reasons, a router may block some websites on computers connected to it.
  1. The browser security might be set high.

  2. The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) set is improper.

  3. Some ports are blocked (mainly 443 SSL port).


I recommend you to follow the steps below to resolve this issue.
  1. Set browser security to medium

    To set browser security to the minimum in Internet Explorer, follow the steps below.

    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click on Tools
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Click on the Security tab
    • Click on the Custom Level button
      Trouble loading websites

    • Under Reset to select Medium-low
      Cannot access websites through WRT54G

  2. Set proper MTU on WRT54G Router

    To set proper MTU size on your Linksys Wireless Router, select the options, manual in MTU under the settings tab.
    Enter the proper MTU size

  3. Port Forwarding

    Port forwarding to enable blocked websites on Linksys router and to perform this follow the steps provided in the link below.
    How to Perform Port Forwarding On Linksys WRT54G

  4. Reset and Reconfigure

    Hold the reset button for 30 seconds and wait till the power light is steady. To learn how to reconfigure it, click on the link below:
    How to Setup Linksys Wireless Router

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