Convert D-Link DWL-2100AP To Router By Enabling DHCP Server

So far I have written many articles about different uses of D-Link DWL-2100AP. When DWL-2100AP becomes a router we must tell the IP range, default gateway address, subnet mask etc. By default  DWL-2100AP acts as a wireless AP and it does not assign IP addresses to computers connected to it by its own DHCP server but when we convert DWL-2100AP into a router, it must provide IP addresses to devices connected to it. This tutorial explains how to convert D-Link DWL-2100AP into a wireless router by activating the DHCP function.

Setup DWL-2100AP As Wireless Router

To enable routing feature in DWL-2100AP, follow the steps below.

  1. Access D-Link DWL-2100AP

    Use to access the DWL-2100AP setup page.

    How to convert Wireless Access Point to Wireless Router

    Enter the user name and password when it prompt.

    Default username: admin
    Default password: leave it blank

  2. Enable Routing in DWL-2100AP

    It is important to enable the DHCP server to convert DWL-2100AP into a wireless router.
    To enable the DHCP server and convert the Access Point to Wireless Router click on Advanced tab.

  3. On the Advanced Page, click on DHCP Server and enable it.
    How to change Wireless Access Pint to Wireless Router

  4. Enter the following details:

    IP Assigned From :

    The Range of Pool (1-255): 50

    SubnetMask :

    Enable DHCP server in a Wireless Access Point

    Click Apply to save settings.

Points to Remember

  • When we set the range of IP pool on DWL-2100AP, it will assign IP addresses to devices starting from to next 50 addresses because the starting IP address is mentioned as

  • Here we have assigned the default gateway address as

  • Here DWL-2100AP provides Class C IP address to devices connected to it because the subnet mask is

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  1. I tried the but the internet page didn't open. Now, is the wireless access point supposed to be connected to the computer through a LAN cable or not?
    I'm trying this on vista!

  2. Yes,

    You should connect your wireless Access Point to your computer using a LAN cable to access its configuration page.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    the range of pool: when i type 50 it shows the range must be 60-31536000. What could be the problem?

  4. The range of pool in Dlink DWL 2100 AP Access point is only between 1 to 255.

    Here we can select in which range of ip address the DHCP server.

    If we select 50 as the range of pool,the DHCP server of D-link DWL 2100 AP will assign any ip address to its clients belongs to next 50 ip addresses.

    So if the DHCP IP address is and the IP range pool is 50 ,the clients of DWL 2100 AP (When DHCP enabled this Dlink access point will start work as a wireless router) will automatically get IP addresses which should be in between and

    So please check whether the DHCP server enabled first before setting ip address pool.

  5. Hai,

    i have linksys wusb54gc wireless adaptor. i am using highspeed internet from bsnl wireless land line upto 144 kbps. i want share my internet to my nokia e71 using that wifi adaptor. can i do it. if can pleas give me its steps with detail.

    thank you

  6. You should have a wireless router or access point which sends wireless signals to your nokia e71.

    Since wireless adapter only receives wireless signals you cannot use wusb54gc adapter for this. If your BSNL modem (most probably it has routing feature ) has wireless feature ,you can try to connect to that. If your modem doesn't have wireless feature I recommend you to purchase wireless router and connect modem to the wireless router.

  7. i want to use my dail up connection for my e71 mobile.
    i have a external wifi access point of linksys WUSB54GC. will you pls give me how to configre this for my wifi router. I have get one configuration from this site
    but when connect it in mobie have a error message "no gateway reply"

    so pls solve my problem to get net on my e71

  8. i already have wireless access point linksys WUSB54GC adaptor so pls how to configure that adaptor for my e71

  9. WUSB54gc is a wireless adapter. It cannot be configured as wireless access point for nokia e71. This phone already has a default Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g adapter and no need for any additional wireless adapter. Only thing you need is a Wireless Access Point or Wireless router.

  10. wahome4:57 AM

    I have the same problem as one user above. All the settings are okay, DHCP is enabled and all that. But when i click apply i get a pop up window named "message from webpage" which says "the range of pool must be between 60-31536000". Now I notice that this range given above is the lease time somewhere below there.

    What could be the problem?

  11. DHCP range is 1 to 255 where 255 is usually a broadcasting IP ( where subnet mask is I am not sure where you are getting this error message. Any way you can specify any number less than 255 other than 0.

  12. wahome12:30 AM

    Thanks Siju. It seems you have to specify the lease time, you can't just leave it blank. That's why it brought that error, and naming it as "the range" is what has brought the confusion. After putting 31536000 it has now accepted the settings. Thank you!

  13. Hi Wahome, it is nice to hear that your issue is fixed.

  14. Hitesh Bhasin6:45 AM

    dear siju, is this tutorial related to conneting DWL2100ap wirelessly to another wireless router. What i wanted to do was, i have one wireless already connected to my PC. I have three flats so that one wireless is not enough. Thus i want another wireless which takes signal from the 1st one and broadcasts the same further to my laptop in whichever room i m sitting in. the 2nd router is dwl 2100 ap in my case. So what settings should i use? please help me as my money is almost gone waste :)

  15. Hi Hitesh,

    What I understand from your mail is:

    1. You have one Wireless Router and it is connected your PC.

    2. You have 3 flats and want to cover them with same wireless network.

    3. Your second Wireless AP is dwl 2100 ap.

    Here you should configure Dlink dwl 2100 ap as a Wireless Access Point instead of Wireless Router. By default dwl 2100 ap is an Access Point. For more details click on:

    Feel free to contact for any other assistance.


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