How to Configure Wireless Router With DSL Broadband Modem

DSL broadband is one of the most popular broadband connections nowadays. This tutorial explains the steps to configure a wireless router with a DSL broadband connection. Configuring a router with DSL modem is different from configuring a cable modem with router.  As you know, the broadband connection is divided into two.
  1. Cable broadband

  2. DSL broadband
This tutorial explains the universal procedure to setup wireless router with DSL modem and at the end of the tutorial, you can see links to product based router configuration guides.
  1. Make sure you can go online with your modem

    Before connecting a wireless router to your network, you must ensure that your modem is working properly and you can access the Internet through your modem.

  2. Find the IP address of the DSL modem

    The second step is to check the IP address of the DSL modem. You can find the modem IP address from the command prompt using the command ipconfig. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
    How to Find The IP Address of DSL Modem

    Here I assume the modem IP address is

  3. Configure Wireless Router

    • Disconnect the Modem from the computer

    • Connect Wireless router to your computer using Ethernet cable

    • Power on the router and log in to the Wireless router using its default IP address. You can find the default IP address of the wireless router using the same procedure to find the IP address of the DSL modem. Here I assume the IP address of the wireless router is

    • Log in to the router setup page by using the IP address Enter default user name and password when it prompts. Normally it would be the admin. If it is not working refer the router user manual.

    • Give Router a different network address IP Address from Modem

      We need to change the third octet of the IP address of the wireless router. On the setup page change the router IP address to and save settings.

      Reason for changing the IP address of the router from to is the router and modem IP must be in different sub-networks. The third octet of the modem and router IP addresses must be different.

  4. Connect the modem to the network

    To connect the modem to the network, follow the steps below.

    • Connect the modem to the WAN port of the router

    • Connect computers to the LAN ports of the router

    • Power on the modem and after 30 seconds power on the router.

  5. Power Cycle The network

    It is recommended to perform a power cycle after completing the router configuration. To learn more about it, visit the link below.
    How to Power Cycle Entire Network

Note: In some DSL modem the IP address may not be, It may be 192.168.X.1 where

X = any number between 0 to 254 other than 1. In this case, we can directly connect the modem to the router as the network will work fine.

Setup Different Wireless Routers With DSL Connection

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  2. How to setup Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G in PPPOE

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How to Avoid IP Address Conflict With DSL Modem and Router

While configuring a wireless router with DSL broadband modem, it is very important to select IP addresses for both devices in different subnets. For example, if the modem IP address is, the router can have an IP address of 192.168.X.1 where X can be any number from 0 to 254 except 3. The third octet of the router IP address cannot be the same number as in modem IP address.

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