How to Connect to an Ad-Hoc Wireless Network

To create a network, normally we need a central device like router or Access Point with DHCP function. However, we can create it without using a central device by establishing a direct connection between two computers. This type of connection is called ad hoc network and it has some advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional networks. Ad hoc connection is cost effective because it doesn't need a router and there is no need to worry about the possible failure of a central device. Some of the advantages are listed below.

The advantage of Using Adhoc Networks
  1. It doesn't need any central devices like router, switch etc

  2. No need to fear whether the central device fails or not

  3. Power efficiency

Connecting to Ad hoc Network

If you want to join your computer to an ad-hoc network available, follow the instructions below.

  1. Double click on the wireless utility shown on the taskbar.

    The utility should look like this with a wireless symbol but varies from products to products. I am using Linksys Utility now on my PC.
    Detecting ad hoc

  2. Select Available WiFi Connections

    Click on the button Site Survey. Depends on the utility you use, you may see a different name for this button like View Available Networks, Scan WiFi etc.
    Select the mode

    Select the SSID (Wireless connection name) of the ad-hoc network you want to join. Click connect button to join the connection.

  3. Enter Details

    If the ad-hoc connection is security enabled, you need to enter the wireless key when it prompts.
    Enable security

    After entering the security details click on the connect button. Now your computer will be connected to the ad-hoc network.

How to Save Ad-hoc Connection

You can save the current settings on your computer and it will help you later to avoid all these steps to join it. All you have to do is to click on the save button on the utility window. So next time onwards your PC will not face any trouble to join it. It uses the username and password which are already saved while the connection prompts authentication.
How to create profile for ad-hoc network

Now it is saved and next time when you comes to range, your computer will automatically connect to it.
How to save

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