Check the TCP/IP Configuration of All Interfaces From Command Prompt

If your computer has multiple network interfaces, there might be a chance of confusion while configuring them. It is better to understand the current configuration of all interfaces on your computer. While checking the configuration on an interface, you must verify the DHCP status, IP address assigned to the interface, subnet mask and default gateway with gateway metric, Interface metric, WINS Server configuration etc. There is a DOS Prompt command to display all these TCP/IP details of every interface on your computer. This tutorial explains the use of this dos command and checks the current TCP/IP configuration on all active network interfaces on your computer.

Steps to View TCP/IP Settings On An Interface

For a better understanding of the packet flow on a PC, we must know the current configuration on every NIC. Steps to view the TCP/IP configuration on an Interface are:
  1. Open DOS Window

    Type cmd on Windows Search and click it or type cmd on Run window and press enter.

  2. On DOS, type the command

    netsh interface ip show config

  3. Now press enter.

If you are using Windows XP, network adapter details will be listed like this.

On Windows 8 and Windows 7 computers, network adapter (Interface) settings will be displayed on Command Prompt like this.

Which All Network Adapter Settings Can be Seen

By using the above command, we can see the following configuration information of every active adapter on a computer.

  • List of All Active Interfaces On the Computer

  • DHCP enabled or not.

  • Interface Metric

  • DHCP server address

  • WIN server status

  • IP Address of Interface

  • DNS Server Information

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