Enable MAC Address Filtering On Belkin Wireless Router

If you manage a WiFi network, it is important to make sure no one is accessing it without your permission. There is a different method to secure WiFi like enabling WiFi security, hiding SSID, MAC Address Filtering etc. This tutorial explains how to use the feature MAC address filtering to secure Belkin Wireless network. MAC address(media access control) or Physical Address is a built-in 48-bit Hexadecimal number assigned to an Adapter. There are two types of filtering whitelisting and blacklisting. MAC Address white-list allows only the selected Media Access Control address to join the wireless network. All other computers with different Media Access Control number will be blocked while accessing the wireless network. If you use the blacklisting option, computers with the listed Physical Addresses cannot join your WiFi.

Prevent a PC With Specific MAC Address To Join Belkin Wireless Network

To enable Media Access Control number filtering, we need to log in to the Router setup page.

  1. Log on to Belkin router

    Use to log in to the setup page. To read more about it, visit the link below.
    How to Access Belkin Setup Page

  2. Click on Wireless Tab

    To prevent laptops with a specific physical number to join WiFi, you should go to the wireless page. Here you will options to either let or deny a specific Media Access Control number to your WiFi.

  3. Click on MAC Address Control

    Under wireless, you can see Media Access Control Address Control. Now a page look like below will be opened.
    turn on Belkin MAC filtering

    Here you can see two options:

    • Deny a particular MAC number (Blacklisting)
    • Allow a Particular MAC number (Whitelisting)

    If we deny a Physical number here, that computer cannot participate the WiFi anymore. If we enable the option Allow, addresses listed here will be allowed to participate the wireless network but all other Media Access Control numbers will be rejected from the network.

We must choose the options while-list or blacklist very carefully depends on our needs. If the WiFi you manage is public and daily people log in with the password you provide (like in a hotel), it is better uses the option blacklist to prevent already identified devices. If your WiFi is a private one, it is better to choose the option white list. If you select the option White List, you must enter the Physical numbers of the devices which are allowed to join. All other devices will be denied.

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