Resolve IP Address Conflict With Another System On The Network

If you see the error message There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network on your PC, you need to understand that two devices on the same network are assigned with the same IP address. Since no two devices can share the same IP, we need to use a different one for the computer which shows this message. This tutorial explains the reasons for getting this error along with a solution to fix it. Mmost commonly, this issue appears on devices where there is no DHCP server to establish the LAN connection. However, we can see it rarely on a network where a router is used. Let us check the reasons for this error first.

  1. No DHCP Server is Used

    If you try to assign static IP to a PC where the same number is already assigned to another computer on the network, you will receive this error. This error message tells us to use a different address for the current computer.

  2. Router is Used

    Rarely we see this issue on a network where every devices are connected to a router. Possible reasons for this scenario are either the malfunctioning of the HCP server or a computer on the network failed to receive new IP assigned and still keeps the old number. Another reason is the use of static addresses in the DHCP range and the router (DHCP Server) automatically assigned the same IP to another device without knowing it.

How to Fix IP Address Conflict With another System on Network
  1. Router as the Central Device:

    In this scenario, all computers on the network are getting logical addresses automatically from the DHCP server. So you need to follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

    • Open Command prompt and type ipconfig /release and press enter.

    • Type ipconfig/renew and press enter

  2. Some Computers are assigned With Static Address:

    In this case, make sure the static IP assigned to computers are not in the HDCP range. If yes, it will again show conflicts.

  3. Static Addresses are Assigned to All Devices

    Here you must manually ensure the unique addressing on every laptops.

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