Update Belkin Router Firmware & Resolve Issues With Firmware Update

If your Belkin router does not have the latest version of firmware, it may start showing performance issues over time. Most of the connectivity and performance issues on network devices are due to outdated firmware. In this tutorial let us check how to verify your Belkin router is having the latest version of firmware and if it is not, download and update the latest version released for the specific model. Sometimes you may receive an error while this process. You may receive error messages like unable to update router firmware or even software update test failed with the error message the update check could not be performed due to network conditions. At the end of this guide, I have provided some troubleshooting steps to identify and fix the issues.

How to Check Whether Belkin Wireless N Router has Latest Firmware Version
  1. Log on to Setup Page

    To know how to log on to the setup page to check if it is having the latest version installed, click on the link below.
    How to Access Setup Page and Configure it

  2. Click Firmware Update Under Utilities

    You can find this link on the left-hand side of the Setup page. It is under Utilities.
    Simple step to update software

  3. Click on Check Firmware

    Click on the button Check Firmware to test whether it is having the latest version.

    You will be reported by Belkin automatic Firmware checker if the device is having an outdated version. You will get information about the latest version with the direct download link to download for your model.
    check driver

Download Latest version of Firmware For Belkin Router

Belkin router firmware checker will inform you if there is an updated version of the model you have. At the bottom of this window, you can see a direct download link to download updated version for the device model you have. This direct link helps you to download the right software for your model automatically. Before this facility, we manually select the website for the new release. It was time-consuming and there was a chance to miss certain major updates.
download latest Belkin software

Now you need to save the downloaded file on your computer desktop.

  1. Click on Download Firmware Now

  2. Save the downloaded file on your Desktop

Steps To Update Belkin Router Firmware

  1. Select the downloaded file using the Browse button and click Update
    Update process of Belkin Access Point Firmware

  2. You will be asked if you are sure and want to continue.

    Click “OK” to continue and one more alert will come and click OK.

  3. After updating, the device starts rebooting. You keep waiting until the power light is steady. Once the power light is steady login to the web-based setup page and ensures if the update procedure is completed.

Getting Error While Updating Belkin Router Firmware

Rarely you may see issues and update process may fail. In that case, you may follow the tips provided below to identify and resolve the issues.
  1. Check Connection Type

    Make Sure the computer is connected to Router or Access Point using an Ethernet cable. You must never access the device using a wireless connection when you are attempting to update the firmware.

  2. Make sure you have downloaded the right software for your router model

  3. Make sure you have selected the right file before updating

  4. Perform a Power cycle and try to repeat the process. To power cycle, your Belkin router, follow the instructions provided in the link below.
    How to Power Cycle A Wireless Router

  5. Reset and Reconfigure

    The last resort is to hard reset the device and reconfigure it before repeating the same procedure. Steps to hard reset are provided in the link below.
    How to Hard Reset A Router

Set Belkin Router To Update Firmware Automatically

Belkin router also has a feature to update firmware automatically when a new version is released. It removes the pain to search the product website regularly for the latest software release. To enable automatic update on a Belkin router or Access Point, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on System Settings under utilities

  2. Select the radio button to enable at Auto Update Firmware Enable
    Automatic software Update

  3. Click Apply Changes

If the device is connected to your PC using an Ethernet cable, it is better you select the enable option to ensure the better performance. However, if your PC is connected via wireless, I recommend you to select the radio button to disable. It is not recommended to perform this procedure on a device which is not connected with a network cable.

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